The sixth adventure of Ogre Adventures RPG introduces Pets.

This Adventure is for Level 6 Players only.

For the most part, you have to roll higher than a certain number to get past an obstacle or monster besides the boss.

Adventurers (join by rolling in this thread)

Crownknight (Phase 8)

Heroman (Phase 5)

Mtv (Phase 5)

Phase One
After defeating the four mysterious riders with help from the Big Blue Ogre, the four went their separate ways. Determined to finish them once and for all, you set out to learn more about each rider in order to accomplish this lofty goal. Roll a 60 or better to get on the trail of the first rider.
Phase Two
You see one of the riders in the distance and follow him to his destination of a rowdy desert tavern. As he enters the tavern, he removes his mask. Roll a 70 or better to learn more about this rider inside the tavern including his identity. Be careful not to roll below a 5 or the tavern will attack you thereby increasing the roll you need by 5!
Phase Three
You enter the tavern and find out out that you are on the trail of a treacherous liche named Mako. This particular monster is deadly with both weapons and hand- to-hand. He even dabbles with magic from time to time. To eliminate Mako and go after the other 3, deal 1000 points of damage. Keep in mind that he will regenerate on rolls below 10 but the damage bonus will double on rolls over 90 because he is the frailest of the riders.
Phase Four
Congratulations, you have just eliminated one of the Monsters of Doom! As a result, you get 1/4 of a very special weapon. You now go in search of the other three. Roll until the roll ends with a 4 (such as 34 etc) for the Four Monsters of Doom to pick up the trail of the next monster.

Phase Five

You come across the next Monster of Doom on your mount. Unlike Mako, this Monster was waiting on you on his Warg! He removes his hood to reveal himself as a goblin with a long pony tail on an otherwise bald head. He is also carrying a long scimitar. “My name is Ug, prepare to meet your doom!” To eliminate the second monster boss deal 1000 points of damage. However, take note that the scimitar is poisoned. Roll under a 10 and you will be poisoned. That number will then be subtracted from your damage every roll. However, roll over 100 (red 100) and you disarm him to get the vial sword!

Phase Six

Congratulations, you have just eliminated two of the Monsters of Doom! As a result, you get 1/2 of a very special weapon. You now go in search of the other two. Roll until the roll ends with a 4 (such as 34 etc) for the Four Monsters of Doom to pick up the trail of the next monster.

Phase Seven

You come across the biggest of the four, Brakkus. Brakkus is also the only Monster of Doom that is close in size to the Blue Ogre. it will take quite some time to bring him down. To eliminate this massive boss, deal 1500 points of damage. If you roll over a 100 or defeat him within 20 rolls without Brick or 10 rolls with Brick, you get his fiery Hammer of Doom!

Phase Eight

You complete the hat trick by the felling the biggest of the four! As the huge monster falls, you hear somebody or something curse behind you. Then you see a flame grow into a ball that is hurdled towards you! As you start to move out of the way, you notice more balls of fire being hurdled towards you. Roll an 85 or better to get past this firestorm to see who or what is there.

Phase Nine

You manage to get past the storm of fire, but nobody is there by the time you emerge from all the smoke. Since this is the final Monster of Doom, you get the sense that this is likely the leader of the group and could be facing the Blue Ogre in a fight to the end. Roll a total of four “4”s in either position to find the last Monster of Doom and possibly the Big Blue Ogre as well.

Phase Ten

You finally find the last Monster of Doom! As the old saying goes “They saved the best for last”. You are now face to face with the evil leader of the Monsters of Doom, Dramon. Dramon is half dragon and half demon and all bad! To make matters worse, you can only get help from your henchman and pet this time so you are on your own! In fact, this ultimate boss will also hit back pretty regular (hijacks all rolls with 4 for his damage) so you will also have hit points this time. If you go to 0 before getting 2000 points damage on Dramon, he removes up to 1000 points damage and you reset. Those that defeat Dramon will complete the epic weapon and get to choose from one of Dramon’s 4 demon/dragon pets!