Who wouldn’t like to float through the sky in a large balloon! Airships have been tainted due to the tragic events of the Hindenburg disaster of 1937. In previous times, it was considered to be the most luxurious way to travel. The question is, whether they will ever make a comeback? 

Transportation is the largest contributor to US greenhouse gas emissions as it recently passed the electricity generation. Also, transportation technology using carbon dioxide is in its early stages, particularly for shipping and air travel. This accounts for a huge amount of emission. This is how dirigible balloons are coming into play. These play an important role when it comes to reducing carbon transportation infrastructure. 

Even though this isn’t the form of luxury travel, weird and big cargo shipping can be just where the dirigible balloon is doing its best. It will help in reducing carbon emission and help in saving the environment – just like playing an online game instead of offline where you have to drive and use fuel. With this, you can play from the comfort of your home and reduce the emissions. You will find 20p roulette that you can play and have fun. These days there are many online games. 

When we consider future travel, speed is the defining factor. The time of the journey dictates the rise and fall of different forms of transport. Dan Grossman, an airship expert, has said that this can be applied to zeppelins and dirigibles, the two different forms of dirigible balloons. 

According to him, the dirigible balloons were important in 1920s and 1930s because of its speed. Dirigible balloons had been the Concorde of those times and Hindenburg, and Graf Zeppelin had reduced the travel time between South America and Europe to several days from weeks. 


  • Comparison of Travel Experience of Dirigible Balloon and Airplanes


Aeroplanes are the efficient, fast, and affordable mode of transportation. It provides you with a magical experience as you view the landscape from 600 feet in the air travelling at a speed of 80mph. 


  • Why Did Airship Fall out of Favour?


People tend to blame the disaster of Hindenburg in 1937 for airships becoming unfavorable. However, the truth is, it was obsolete even before it flew. Only 3 months before to flew, M-130 China Clipper from Pan American Airways made its first schedule journey across the Pacific. Also, it could have crossed the Atlantic, easily. 

The rapid improvement in airplane technology during the Second World War eclipsed anything that was possible with airships. Airliners with fixed-wings were much more efficient and faster as they need less crew and infrastructure than airships. 


  • Can Airships Be Introduced Again?


Airships can be taken to be the best aircraft if you have to go for sightseeing. In fact, in Germany, new technology zeppelins are being used for this purpose. A large airship can be a great choice for a leisurely cruise. However, it can be expected that the fares are going to be pretty high. A primary drawback when it comes to airships is the weight of water. 


  • The Experience of Traveling across the Atlantic in Airship


During the time when the way to cross the Atlantic only meant a whole week of seasickness, the passengers of Hindenburg enjoyed a motionless ride along with fine wine and meals. Also, the piano was played in the elegant lounge. Travelers could listen to it and watch the world pass a few hundred feet below and crossed the Atlantic in just 2 days. 


  • Things to Know about Airships


The first airline of the world used Zeppelins. DELAG, the German airlines was founded in the year 1909. Heinrich Kubis was the first flight attendant on worked on the airship. 


  • Will Airships Make a Comeback?


Today, blimp with the Goodyear logo is the most familiar aircraft. However, it is non-rigid which means that it doesn’t have a structure inside. This is just a PR gimmick. The light aircraft is being considered for a long time as a solution to different problems. 

Many companies have raised money for creating airships which provide internet service. In the 1980s, a professor had pitched blimps that had dangling wires for zapping ozone-eating chemicals that are spread over the South Pole. 

Due to the romanticism that surrounds airships, the flexibility of it in regards to moving a large cargo, and the requirements of very little infrastructure, it can be hoped that airships will make a return. 

At this point, airplanes have century’s head start when it comes to the development, speed, efficiency, and safety. If airships look forward to having a future, they will have to follow the footsteps of the airplane. 

And until the day arrives, if it ever does, airships are going to be the best mode for sightseeing as it floats over the countryside slowly. The passengers can look down from the large windows in their comfortable cabin.


  1. I hope airships do make a comeback, it’d be great to have the experience of traveling in one and seeing the world from up there.
    Also they’re really cool tbh

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  2. Airships are alright, I guess; they look more like they’re for leisure than for important traveling even if they are somewhat fast. And I think it’s just wishful thinking rather than a realistic view of transportation, since airships would probably cause problems of their own (like environmental issues such as disturbances in bird migration or issues with traveling itself such as air-borne traffic [which would be exacerbated by replacing current modes of transportation]). Like we might as well just bring back the Concorde as well, which was also considered luxurious traveling but even faster. I think airships are more like a Victorian-era steampunk dream.

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