Game bonuses come in all shapes and sizes as online games scramble to draw in as many players as possible. With all the games that are currently available, it becomes harder and harder to build strong player bases. For example, one sites has a Starburst Welcome Bonus to entice new players to not only join, but to stay as well. Other bonuses include preorder bonuses, special bonuses for being a game founder, bonuses for certain holidays, and card bonuses.

Preorder Bonuses

Preorder bonuses are usually quite common, but can lead to much more. For example, the WWE 2K series gives an exclusive wrestler/character to those who buy the game early. For WWE 2K17, Goldberg was the early wrestler and that actually led to real matches later on. Many other games have offered something extra for buying early including Batman Arkham Knight, the new version of Prey, Watch Dogs, and Tomb Raider. The extra in Arkham Knight is the ability to play as Harley Quinn.

Bonuses For Founders

Founders packs and bonuses are very special as they should be. Players that start a game and are willing to support it deserve something meaningful in return. This is why Kickstarter games offer special items to those who help fund the game. Without a strong core of initial players, most games will have a very hard time achieving success. Albion Online is just one game that has offered gold bonuses with founder packs.

Holiday Bonuses

Holiday bonuses and events are quite common in large online games such as MMORPGs and MOBAs. In fact, it is quite normal to see something extra for Halloween in games like Runescape, World of Warcraft, and AdventureQuest 3D. Grand Theft Auto Online, which offers many of the goodies on this list, had Christmas surprises during 2017. GameOgre has even gotten in the holiday spirit by offering gift packs from various game companies over the years. One such holiday giveaway, remains our busiest ever.

Card Bonuses

GTA Online has had offers in the past where players can get bonuses for using game cards to buy in-game money. Other examples of using game cards for this include the long gone Ultimate Game Card that we used for many years and the Rixty Card. The Rixty Card is the main one that we currently use. Most players who buy this card from our shop use it to get a special status in AQ3D.