Although has partnered with many MMOs and Online Games over the years, it also has a very small portfolio of games. Not surprisingly, most of the games have ‘Ogre’ in the title somewhere. Some have been re-branded while others were made for us. The first one is probably our most known and is still played today. We took a generic forum plugin that has since been abandoned and customized it with an Ogre spin to make Ogre Wars.  Ogre Wars is a simple forum game where forum members join nations to see who can build the strongest Ogre Nation. We have had held several seasons with various results and winners. Some players have even fashioned a player guide to help new and old players do better in the game.

The second game was a bought plugin that we call Ogre RPG. This is another forum game that can be played only by members. This game can also be maintained by forum members. Admin access is determined by User Groups. However, this game was not close to as successful  or enduring as Ogre Wars. The next game was also a pay game from the same maker as Ogre RPG, but it was a card game and is the only game so far to not have ‘Ogre” in the title. Triple Triad, like Ogre Wars, has its own forum and is still played today. Forum members can play the CPU or can play against other members in tournaments. Triple Triad even has its own currency on called Ogre Coins. Ogre Coins are used to buy better decks to find the best cards in the game. All in all, TT would be the second most successful game on the forum.

The next games are more random and less connected to the forum. However, they are interesting in the own rights and were made for us. The most off-beat of all is called Ogre Maze. Just play the game once and die to see what I mean by that. It is not easy to win the game either, but that is a good thing. The gameplay is also better than the very simple graphics might first suggest.

Another Flash game that we had made was a flash version of Ogre Wars called of course Ogre Wars Flash. It has not been used much yet, but could be if we can’t upgrade Ogre Wars to work with the next version of the forum.

The last batch of games came from various freelancers at the same site. Ogre Bounce is a platform game where an Ogre is the hero trying to get to the end. It may look much better than Ogre Maze does, but it lacks a real challenge. Bought a few more levels but the challenge was still not there so have not added to it since.

The next two may be the best as far as graphics are concerned. Ogre Combat is a very nice looking Flash game that can get gruesome very quick. This one probably has the best chance of working on it again to improve it as it has a lot of potential with a few minor fixes and more content. Lastly, Ogre Siege is a 3D FPS game. The graphics are outstanding, but it is hard to see in the game. The original idea was to be somewhat of a simulation of an attack on an enemy fort in Ogre Wars.

Well, that is all for the time being. However, don’t be surprised to see another game in the future or even a Mobile App.


  1. I just want to say that GameOgre is very good forum, there I found some of friends and really good people. About games I want to told you, that might GameOgre games are not on the best ,,level”, but they are good for some players like me. I love to play Ogre Wars and Triple Triad. Especially Triple Triad card game. I also want to laudation Ogre Combat game, I don’t played it to much, but when I played it I have a lot of fun and laugh. 🙂

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  2. GameOgre has maked really good games like Triple Triad and Ogre Wars. I used to play both of them and i realised that they are unique. Triple Triad is nice card game, where you can play vs CO-OPs or other players all around the world that are also playing. Maybe it has bad music, but its OK 🙂 I got to Mention Ogre Combat, too. I was impressed by this game, it was simple, but fun and interesting.
    About forums i got to say that i maked so much friendships and i glad being part of it 🙂

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  3. All ogre game are really fun to play, maybe the graphic is not the best but its interesting and worth to play. I really like ogre wars and ogre combat.

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  4. I like all the games. I’ve been playing mostly Ogre Combat and Ogre Ward. Ogre bounce gets monotone after a while and I’m just starting on Triple Triad. 🙂

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  5. All the Ogre games are fun and easy to play, it’s just sad to see that Flash is a dying plugin. Not so sad because of the security flaws it had, but the games.

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  6. I wonder who developed the games that were made for the forum, were they forum members? If so I think it’d be cool if we can submit our own games to the arcade for those that know to program. With flash dying it might be a good idea to get some new games in there.

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