Everything aged is new again. In gaming, things are shifting to digital faster than anyone could ever anticipate because of the easier availability of the internet and exponential increase in mobile device usage. Just like online casino games, board games are a massive industry, and the latest collections provide some of the most exciting gaming experiences across the board. The latest titles are simple to learn, thrilling to play and interesting to beat.

What Is a Board Game?

A board game is a tabletop game that comprises of counters or pieces that should be positioned or moved on a marked surface or board, with adherence to specific rulebooks. Even though certain games are purely based on strategy, most of the games have an element of chance. In fact, some are absolutely chance-based with no element of proficiency. The games normally have a target that you aim to accomplish at the end of it all. For instance, board games could involve a battle between troops or battalions and players from both sides try to beat one another. The board games that have gone digital are still based on beating the rival regarding the accumulation of points, winning positions or counters.

The Coolest Board Games That Have Gone Digital

Wondering which board games have made the jump? Well, below are some of the top titles to have gone digital:   

  • Lords of Waterdeep

Unlike most D&D games which are only about executing monsters and prowling treasure, Lords of Waterdeep it’s a bit different.  Other than employing adventurers to execute monsters and raid treasures on behalf of the city lords, there’s a lot more excitement involved. Cue, a wonderful combination of rewarding strategies and vicious backstabs as you attempt to bring on plots of your own while stopping everyone else’s. Each session puts a combination of options at your disposal and with such a dynamic nature, your gaming sessions remain fresh and challenging even over repeat plays.

  • Splendor

This is a deck-building game that entails being a merchant during the Resurgence for up to 4 gamers. You try to be the first to attain 15 victory points by taking turns adding cards to your deck. Splendor was developed by Days of Wonder, who also developed Small Wonder and Ticket to Ride. The developers have a great track record of bringing things into perspective using immersive graphical features that introduce a whole new world of mind-blowing entertainment. Furthermore, the digital edition adds a challenge mode that’s based on real past events of the 16th and 15th centuries for a fresh twist. Even if you were hesitant to switch to the digital version, the challenge mode is something that will change your mind in a jiffy!

  • Hive

To win this abstract game of arthropods all you need to do is surround Queen Bee, the enemy with your hexagonal tiles. Looks simple right? But remember you can’t place your own tiles close to your challenger’s. As an alternative, you have to move them, every insect coming with its own easy movement configuration. The subsequent wriggle dance is a delightful combination of tactic and sticky usability. A great learning opportunity, with plenty of entertaining features.

  • The Witcher Adventure Game

This game is the video game version of the board game version of The Witcher book series. You take over one of 4 Witcher characters (including Geralt himself) and move across the game’s world fighting monsters and completing quests. The digital (online) edition can be played with up to 4 gamers. There is also a single player edition versus Al, which is not very challenging from what most players say. So, if you are looking to take your entertainment a few notches higher, go for the multiplayer mode to earn your bragging rights.

  • Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride is another awesome hit that’s pretty easy to learn. It involves constructing railroads across America. You attempt to finish particular routes allocated to you while contesting to lay down the tracks ahead of your challenges. One interesting part of this game’s digital version is that there are various DLC packs you can buy. This reflects Ticket to Ride’s real expansions and alternative versions, making it one of the very few digital board games to have reproduced itself so expansively. If you’ve never tried the digital version, then you are in for a treat!

  • Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization

For a long time now, tabletop civilization games have struggled with length and intricacy. It turned out that the groundbreaking solution out was to throw out the map. Through the Ages is an impressive game of great strategy where you build an empire out of cards. Perfect wars and foreigner aspirations get abstracted away to single plays. Anyone who falls behind in the arms race will fade quickly, and so, you have to keep your head in the game and stay sharp!

Parting Shot

With the huge collection of amazing games waiting to be ported and new titles added all the time, this is a field that has lots of potential.  If any of the above hits aren’t enough for you, you can also check Scythe, another favourite which has also gone digital recently. It’s a diesel-punk civilization board game which comes with a complicated blend of strategy and retro-robotic mechanical warfare. Try out any of these digital hits, and you’ll never look back!


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