This week the GameOgre crew went down to the Mira Game “virtual” office (via e-mail of course) and asked them a few questions about how Talisman Online runs. As a game, TO is a fantasy-styled free-to-play game with a great deal of East Asian motifs sprinkled throughout the gameplay. It also has a brimming population, lots of events, and a very lightweight client; the result is a game where there’s a lot going on—add on a style that includes very flashy characters and a vivid world and it makes TO an interesting experience.

As a game, Talisman Online has received notice as an Online Game of the Week and received a lot of reviews from ogres.

This is the second in an interview series where we went to talk about Asura Force.

Talisman Online has an interesting set of character classes (Wizard, Monk, Assassin, Fairy, Tamer.) What went into choosing the character class names and abilities?

Each class has its own features and advantages. Wizard: High attacking ability, long-range distance—Monk: Strongest ability of anti-attacking—Assassin: High damage attacker, Strongest ability of anti-attacking—Fairy: Strong ability of cure—and Tamer: The most excellent solo player; Long-distance attacker, pet can be the secondary damage absorber.

What is the Talisman Online end-game like? After reaching the max level, with powerful equipment, what do players have to look forward to?

After reaching max level 80, players still have lot of room for fun and exploration. They can explore different dungeons and caves, improve equipment, and collect valuable materials to exchange for rare items, etc. Moreover, weekly City War and 3vs3 PK event are also good choices for them.

Win rich rewards and enjoy the fun!

How much of your community engage in PK and what does Talisman Online do to make the PvP and PK elements engaging and exciting?

3vs3 PK Event is always held as well as the regular City War and PvP system. All participants can earn a lot of rewards. Winner team even has chances for the unique mount and unique title/buff.

On the subject of competition, what is a City War and how does that bring the guilds on the servers together?

  1. City War is held on each weekend. The winner guild will be the City Master of Blood Palace.
  2. Every guild can register as Attacker/Defender/Neutral to participate in the City War.

More events details can be found: http://www.talismanonline.com/gameEvents_sys.html

Does Talisman Online do in-game events and activities to pull players together, if so, what are they and what can new players expect to be part of?

TO has a lot of online events: PK BOSS; GM Stall; Race; City War, Guild War, Guild War, South Border Land Adventure, etc.

How do you think Talisman Online sets itself apart from other fantasy-styled MMORPGs on the market?

  1. Free to play;
  2. Small client with 2.8D visual angel. Fantasy landscape;
  3. Well-designed weapons and skill systems; cool mounts and suit equipment;
  4. Fair game environment, active customer support and online GM.