Although uncomplicated in its principle, a roll of the die makes for an elegant mathematical model. Not only can it help with understanding basic probability, but rolling dice is also a decision-making factor in numerous games online and offline.

In fact, there some absorbing games out there that only require a handful of dice to play.


Yahtzee is an excellent example. With the use of just five dice and a piece of paper to write down the results, you too can participate in this dice-based strategy game. The goal of the game is to score more points than your opponents.

Combining the result of a 5-dice throw, players assign the final value to several categories such as Three-Of-A-Kind, Small and Large Straight, and the titular Yahtzee. The latter is the hardest to accomplish, as all dice must represent the same value.

Dungeons & Dragons

First introduced in 1974, this iconic fantasy tabletop role-playing game paved the way for modern RPGs and the gaming industry in general. Despite having received some considerable competition over the decades, D&D continues to be a market leader and the best-selling game of its kind.

With the functionality to create their own characters, D&D participants embark on a make-believe journey in a fantasy setting established by the game’s storyteller – the Dungeon Master. This role is an important one that’s integral to the gaming experience, so the player who takes it on needs to use their imagination and creativity.

As a role-playing game, the game progresses as each player makes decisions based on their character’s unique abilities. However, some decisions have to be made using dice. The dice used in Dungeons & Dragons are different from regular forms and feature strange and intriguing shapes

Online Dice Games

When it comes to dice gaming, arguably the most popular types of games are RPG related. While dice games are no longer as popular as table game, rolling is still a favorite pastime among forum-goers like’s own forum. We use dice to not only play our forum RPG known as Ogre Adventures but also multiple forum games in the community.

Alongside RPG dice games, forum games are a popular choice among forum visitors looking to have some simple fun. As a result, learning how to play craps is relatively straightforward and requires minimal strategy. A basic dice strategy could be simply choosing a number and waiting for it to come up. Multi-roll goals, however, are intimidating and require a more cautious approach.


As one of the oldest known board games, playing backgammon involves a unique combination of perseverance and strategy. Although a roll of the dice might influence the outcome of a single game, making it hard for a player to respond, an experienced player should be able to build up a better record over a series of multiple games.


  1. Yahtzee’s one of my favorites; it’s so simple to play and it’s really just a game of probability. Dungeons and Dragons is fun too, but it can take a long time to finish the game. I find it harder to invest time in Dungeons and Dragons, because it requires finding a group of players that are willing to also invest time, so it’s really one of those games you would play on a blue moon.

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