Over the recent years, there have been launched many exemplary gaming products and there is a good chance that some of the new slot releases of 2018 are going to be added to the list of games with the biggest budget in the short run. As for the previous year, many iconic products have turned into legendary games that continue to fascinate the public and generate immense revenues from the donations of players. Gaming fans all over the world seem to have realized that playing online slots for real money is not only fun, but also highly rewarding, although the gaming process requires making certain monetary contributions in order to be rewarded by even greater treasures.  Many games released during 2017 have made their way to the topmost positions in the recent ratings of gaming products with the biggest budget. Let’s discuss some of the most legendary releases of the recent times that have accumulated the greatest player donations throughout their history of existence.

Splatoon 2

The original Splatoon released by Nintendo three years previously was ranked as one of the most boisterous releases of the company being a family-oriented multi-player shooter game that is distinguished by colorful graphics and vivid splashes of ink. Splatoon 2 turned out to be as successful as its predecessor collecting a budget of over 2 million dollars due to the presence of long-familiar and all-favorite characters starring a teenage hybrid and a bunch of iconic features. The follow-up of an authentic Splatoon is grounded on the original storyline, but is nevertheless packed with multiple new regimes and types of weaponry for the delight of users. At the same time, the game offers maximum flexibility and dynamism being accessible to the game loving public worldwide. Some players even say that this game is one of the greatest products of the previous two decades, which stands for its stable reputation on the market.

Yakuza 0

The most pronounced characteristic of Yakuza 0 as a legendary online gaming product of the previous year is the fact that it remains not only the best game as part of its long-term range of gaming series, but also an ideal product to be tested by new users. The reasons behind the popularity of this game are quite simple. It takes players to the distant past, namely the 1980s Tokyo, where a yakuza storyline unravels before the eyes of avid gamers. Much action and thrill await every gamer who dares to try out this awe-inspiring adventure. The game simply shines with multiple flawless features and dramatic twists of plot. It is also packed with a few mind-blowing side stories that accompany the gameplay and make players even more captivated by the proceedings. As such, there is no wonder that this game generated quite an impressive budget although some players still consider it to be oriented on medium-budget players only, not being suitable for high rollers.

Super Mario Odyssey


One more superb gaming project from Nintendo is their latest 3D-powered Super Mario Odyssey video adventure that combines many creative features and quirky attributes taking this game to the incredible levels of popularity with game enthusiasts. What makes this adventure truly unsurpassable is its wide-scale gameplay that allows experiencing maximum thrill and excitement. This is exactly what explains the big-sized budget of this online adventure collected throughout its history.

Persona 5

This is not exactly the type of sequel that brings maximum innovation to the experience of gamers. It adheres to simplistic and elementary gaming structure where you are supposed to take up the role of a high school student living in the heart of Tokyo and your task will be to find a balance between your everyday duties and the goal of becoming a savior of the world. All in all, the game is increasingly captivating and has eye-catchy graphics, which serves as the best proof of its cool visual representation and a whole stack of fabulous features. This explains why the donations of players to this game keep rising progressively and have already reached quite a prominent sum of over a million dollars.

Horizon Zero Dawn

It is the recent release of Guerrilla Games that is going to bring our list of games with the biggest budgets to an end. It is part of all-favorite series of gaming products that have already conquered the hearts of gaming-loving experts due to their stunning visual effects and incredible offerings. In this game, you will also encounter a few storylines making it possible to travel through fun lands and encounter various robotic animals that are roaming the local terrains. Incredible gaming experience granted by the developers to players is exactly what makes this adventure so popular and the interest of the gaming-loving community keeps rising with every new series released to the market. For now, we can admit that this is one of those legendary gaming products whose budget is likely to keep rising for many years to come.


  1. Splatoon was kind of an interesting game to become popular. Nintendo was probably thinking, “how do you make a third-person shooter for kids without featuring realistic guns” and then they somehow thought of paintball guns. It’s definitely a cool concept, especially to get around the typical nature of modern shooter games to appeal to kids.

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