These days, it is not uncommon to find gamers abandoning their consoles and opting for PC gaming. After all, there are several advantages to doing this. Not only is it a more economical option, you will also find that your computer can offer much better graphics as well.

While there are plenty of reasons to make the switch, you can’t really deny that it is the easiest thing to do. This is especially true for anyone who has spent most of their time playing console games. It can seem nearly impossible to make the leap. Well, despite this, you will find lots of useful tips in this article here:

Understand That You Aren’t Losing Out

First off, you will now have more games than ever at your fingertips. So, if you feel like you are losing out on something, don’t. In fact, just because you are moving to PC gaming doesn’t mean that you have to give up console games. You will even be able to take a trip to the past and play games that aren’t really available for consoles anymore. How can you do this? Well, with the help of free ROMs, of course! These are converted games from as far back as Sega consoles and gamecube roms. As you can see, you really will be spoilt for choice.

Start Off on the Small Screen

Most people feel that using an HDMI cable to hook up their laptop to their TV is a good way to make the transition go smoother. Now, sure, this could work but it is often better to get used to the smaller screen first, before moving onto a larger one. Remember, even if you used to play PC games before, you are going to have to reacquaint yourself with the whole process again. This is why it is best to start at the very beginning and then slowly graduate.

Stick with the Controller

Most players who have moved from console games to PC games will tell you that the controllers are the most annoying aspect. This is why you will be tempted to find a controller that is comparable to what you played on your console. Well, like with the screen, it is a good idea to first get the hang off the keyboard and mouse. Once you have practiced and can use these controls well, you can then give the other controllers a try.

Find a Comfortable Position

One of the reasons that PC gaming can feel so foreign is because you end up with neck and backaches after only a short while. This is due to the way that you are sitting hunched over your computer. With console games, though, you tend to be a lot more relaxed. You are either sitting on your bed or the couch. So, make it a point to create a comfortable space for yourself with your PC as well. Find a spot that you can really feel comfortable in so that you can play for longer.

It will certainly take some time for you to get used to PC gaming. However, these tips will make it happen just a little faster.


  1. I don’t think anybody should (completely) switch from console to PC. You can still get the best out of both devices; just play console and PC games interchangeably.

    But maybe if you’re on a budget, you might decide on a PC, and maybe the biggest decision factor is that PCs have more games, so you opt for a PC. There are tons of PC games that have controller support, so you can still get the “console experience” by using a controller with a PC. There’s not a whole lot that’s radically different with a PC; if anything, a PC is just a “gaming console” that can do more things than an actual gaming console (more input devices for mouses, keyboard, etc., more general-purpose uses like browsing the Internet, and more versatility for many other things).

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