Ghost Recon Cheats

A few type-in codes for this tactical shooter.

Cheats must be typed into the game console. 
To activate the console, press the enter key on 
your num pad 

Cheat              Result 

Superman         - enables invincibility 
TeamSuperman     - enables team invincibility 
Shadow           - enables invisibility 
TeamShadow       - enables team invisibility 
run              - Increases your running speed by 10 
ammo             - unlimited ammo 
refill           - refills entire inventory 
autowin          - automatically completes mission 
quit             - exits Ghost Recon 
kit              - changes your kit to the file you specify 
tracers          - toggles display of tracers 
teleport         - teleports you to the specified position  
                   in the world 
cisco            - Achieves objectives one at a time, "sic 'em boy" 
boom             - shakes your screen 
chickenrun       - Grenades Become Chickens 
god              - Struck Down From Heaven 
run              - Run 
rock             - Enemy Bases are Yours 
extremepaintball - Paintball Mode 

ToggleShowPerfCounters       - toggles performance counters 
ToggleShowFrameRate          - toggles frame rate 
ToggleShowTotalStats         - toggles total stats. 
ToggleShowLevelStats         - toggles level stats. 
ToggleShowActorStats         - toggles actor stats. 
ToggleShowInterfaceStats     - toggles interface stats. 
ToggleShowEffectsStats       - toggles effect stats. 
ToggleShowTextureMemoryStats - toggles texture memory stats 
ToggleShowSystemMemoryStats  - toggles system memory stats. 
ToggleAI                     - toggles AI
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