A few type-in codes for this tactical shooter.

Cheats must be typed into the game console. To activate the console press the enter key on your num pad Cheat  Result  Superman - enables invincibility TeamSuperman - enables team invincibility Shadow - enables invisibility TeamShadow - enables team invisibility run - Increases your running speed by 10 ammo - unlimited ammo refill - refills entire inventory autowin - automatically completes mission quit - exits Ghost Recon kit - changes your kit to the file you specify tracers - toggles display of tracers teleport - teleports you to the specified position in the world cisco - Achieves objectives one at a time "sic 'em boy" boom - shakes your screen chickenrun - Grenades Become Chickens god - Struck Down From Heaven run - Run rock - Enemy Bases are Yours extremepaintball - Paintball Mode ToggleShowPerfCounters - toggles performance counters ToggleShowFrameRate - toggles frame rate ToggleShowTotalStats - toggles total stats. ToggleShowLevelStats - toggles level stats. ToggleShowActorStats - toggles actor stats. ToggleShowInterfaceStats - toggles interface stats. ToggleShowEffectsStats - toggles effect stats. ToggleShowTextureMemoryStats - toggles texture memory stats ToggleShowSystemMemoryStats - toggles system memory stats. ToggleAI - toggles AI 

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  1. I remember playing the Ghost Recon series a lot as a kid. I’m not sure why my parents allowed me to play these type of games but it made for a lot of good memories lol

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