Online game cards are simply not what they used to be. There used to be a better variety of cards for online games and they could be purchased simply and quickly at a local grocery store, game store, or shopping mall. Payment options were simple as well as you could just use cash and be done with it. Nowadays you have too many options such as credit cards, bitcoin, genting casino payment options, Paypal, and so many others that it’s a real chore to list them all! For variety, games cards like UGC (Ultimate Game Card) offered thousands of different game choices before going out of business.

After UGC, single game cards were in great demand next. These cards were led on the forum by first World of Tanks and then League of Legends. The problem with these cards had to do with international players. Both changed their policies on international players using cards bought in the U.S. which made it harder to have them in the community shop. In fact, World of Tanks had to be pulled completely since that game would not take U.S . cards at all overseas. League of Legends, on the other hand, has not been quite as strict so they have been bought and used by overseas players for years now. One forum member even made a a rather popular video saying we had “free” LoL cards on the forum. Of course, this was not the case but the video was not even in English. When some signed up just for this, they were not exactly thrilled to learn that they had to build up their community points first! This led to a few blowups but also many new community members for a number of years.

The next big card after LoL has actually been a card that has been around for just as long and, unlike UGC, is still around in 2018: the Rixty Card. Although it doesn’t offer the variety or is easy to find as the UGC was, the Rixty Card has developed into the old reliable card for the game shop and is now the most popular card listed. Lately, this is the card that we give to winners of the big forum events. The reason? The card can be bought online at many sites and at a major grocery store (Kroger). However, the biggest reason is AQ3D. AQ3D is the current popular game on the forum and will keep the Rixty Card in the shop for hopefully many years to come!