Cooperate with a fellow snake and together try to literally eat your competitors! Or play the single player mode where you need to devour required amount of snakes for passing the current stage. Or maybe you want to play the two player game where each player and snake on screen fights and battles for its own sake. Either way, this Snake game edition brings back the fruit eating fun from the old days, and stretching your snake thru the entire game screen. Have fun!


  1. After having played Snake Fight Arena, I am not too impressed with Ground Battles. Most of the things in Ground Battles are the exact same as the things in Snake Fight Arena, especially the power-ups. The main difference are the graphics, and even judging from the graphics for Ground Battles, I am not too impressed with it. I wish Ground Battles had a more unique gameplay that is different from Snake Fight Arena. Overall, I would rate this game a 2/5.

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