The MMO game of Guild Wars 2 has been doing a great deal of work on producing bigger-better content and with this year, that means the return of the Mad King and the Halloween content. This marks the second year of Halloween in Guild Wars 2 and also shows that the team has been thinking about the game by adding additional content, tying it more tightly to the GW2 world, and providing even more for players to participate in.

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  1. ArenaNet does holidays right, even back in the GW1 days they had interesting content each year. I loved GW2 halloween last year, I think this year was a little underwhelming compared to it… mostly because it’s a lot of the same stuff but they fixed some of the issues people had last year like not being able to see your character during the Clocktower jumping puzzle.

    I also was not a particular fan of having to get a number of achievements to complete the story side of GW2 Halloween… it was kinda tedious and actually on my server some of the achievements became near impossible later in the event (kill the lich for example) as we just didn’t have enough players doing the content anymore. Thankfully the daily achievement can work around this but if you still need 4 points that’s 4 whole days before you can finish the story. At which point no one is doing that anymore either x.x Thank goodness for free guesting to other servers.

    I also was not particularly fond of the bosses… it was a massive zerg, button mashing fest and the Lich in particular was very annoying… it’s minions were WAY too powerful, the lich itself was tough enough but it’s minions were the real killer… they can take you out in seconds. Also did not like that range characters were forced into melee or be berated by the community for not using melee on it (apparently melee did more DPS to him or something…).

    Overall though I think Guild Wars 2 Halloween was fantastic, one of the best among MMOs. Really looking forward to next year.

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  2. I think Aaddron hit the nail on the head here. Really right now bar none the best holiday events in the MMO world (across everything) has been from World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2. We need more games thinking in the culture of the players to produce elements that take advantage of not just the game world, but the culture of the players to produce a vivid lifeworld.

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    • Indeed, I’ve found at least for myself that if the game features meaningful representation of real holidays going on it helps me be immersed even more into the game world. It helps rid that static feeling… helps it come to life.

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  3. Wow i didnt expect some evet for guild wars.. 😀 I think that i will be the great event 😀

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