One of the best MMORPGs for years versus the one of the new leading arena games.

The Match-Up

This matchup represents old school versus new era. You could also throw in a key genre match-up as well: MMORPGs versus action arena games. However, the genre matchup would not be that close as the arena games such as MOBAs are really fire these days and the MMORPG industry has seen better days. Hot arena games include League of Legends, Overwatch, and of course, Rocket League.  In 2016, players want everything fast and competitive instead of spending a great deal of time grinding for levels against NPCs.

Both games must be bought, but are free-to-play after that. However, Rocket League happens to be the most requested game for our shop. It rarely goes on sale for anything above 50%, but that has not hurt its popularlity at all. The best deal I have saw for it so far has been in a Humble Monthly Bundle as the showcase game. Also, Rocket League has the advantage of being on Steam. All that said, Rocket League gets the duke due to being a leader in a hot genre, being on Steam, and also is developed better for competitve play.

Tale of the Tape

Guild Wars 2


Buy to play.
Successful for many years.
Very accessible on all computers.
Has a dedicated forum on
One of the most popular games on Twitch.
One of the very few successful sequels.
NCSoft game.


Rocket League

RocketLeague 2015-10-15 02-18-00-69

Buy to play.
Normally $20 on Steam.
Single and multiplayer modes.
Cross platform game.
Has quite a bit of DLC.
Can play a season.
Has tournaments.
One of the most popular games on Twitch.

Select Comments For Guild Wars 2

Comment: A very enjoyable MMORPG if played in the right mindset. Be careful if you have played Guild Wars 1 and are a big fan of it, because this game is quite different and might not offer as much enjoyment as you would hope. For anyone else, this game is fantastic value and it’s still going strong despite facing a lot of critique and sabotage from dissapointed GW1 fans.

PROS: Impressive visuals for an MMORPG, solid voice acting, regular updates and content, no subscription, interesting lore and places to see and explore, great community

CONS: PvP is somewhat lacking, the main story is mediocre at best, living story content is not always permanent, some performance issues.

Comment: In many ways Guild Wars 2 is a step away from it’s predecessor rather than a step forward from it. Despite being called Guild Wars 2, other than the world and setting it’s couldn’t be further from anything like the original. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it’s a lot to adjust too. Guild Wars 2 is much more like a typical MMO than Guild Wars 1 ever was, a lot of the selling points of Guild Wars 1 are now gone and if you loved Guild Wars 1 but aren’t a fan of more traditional MMOs you’re probably going to be severely disappointed with Guild Wars 2.

Guild Wars 2 despite it’s massive departure from Guild Wars 1 is still at it’s core a very good MMO. Guild Wars 2 is gorgeous both in technical graphics and art direction, it’s runs very smooth as well. Latency is not a problem, although that is largely based on your internet connection, on my end it runs great and this is coming from someone who’s had problems with other MMOs. Patches are quick and painless, Guild Wars 2 has had very little down time since launch and problems have been fixed pretty rapidly. The development team has been open and continually posting new articles detailing what’s next.

Regardless of your tastes you’ll find a MMO that’s trying new things with art you have to see to believe. Guild Wars 2 is a genre changing MMO, it’s more an evolution than a revolution but I think it’s sparked a change and will have every MMO released from now on rethinking the typical MMO formula.

Select Comments for Rocket League

Easiest way to describe this game is the mix of futuristic football and racing game
Date when I played game: 30.10.2015
Overall Rating: 4.6
Graphic:4.5 – Graphic in this game is really really good for this type of the game.
Content:5 – I enjoy whole time that I spent on this game,it is so good to play with your friends,and without friends too,the content is unique.
Requirements:4.5 – I think the game of this type should be less demanding
Thing i like in this game is that matches are short and if you don’t have that much time this game is awesome. For example for League of Legends you need at least 40 mins. I also like that constant action.


The Showdown

Cheaper to Play = Guild Wars 2

Better Multiplayer = Rocket League

More Popular = Guild Wars 2

Better User Created Content = Rocket League

Better for Livestreams/Videos = Rocket League

Guild Wars 2 received a total score of 2
Rocket League received a total score of 3

The Result

Rocket League Wins!

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  1. Guild Wars 2 is a full featured MMO that has an insane amount of depth. Rocket League has had a number of updates itself but at the end of the day it’s still the same game. Rocket League can in no way match the amount of content in Guild Wars 2… it just can’t. It’s a simple game by design, who’s depth comes off competition, if you have no interest in being good then the game has very little to offer beyond playing matches. It’s great for what it is (and priced for what it is) but Guild Wars 2 is a much more complete game in my opinion.

    I’d have to disagree with “Better Multiplayer = Rocket League”. Rocket League only offers one real form of multiplayer an that’s PvP. Guild Wars 2 offers seamless PvE with other players. Dungeons. Raids. Arena based PvP (that can be jumped into from day one). As well as open world PvP in the form of WvW. It’s community is very good too, very lively. It has something for everyone.

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