When Webzen sent out a call for people to publish preview content for C9 they also included that they’d put together a contest for the editors of MMO websites. As a result, we should help out our editor Ogreman, and me (the writer), by going over to the C9 website and voting for GameOgre.

Sadly, they left out my images—and as you all know, I make commentary with screenshots. I don’t know if all of you find that gimmick interesting, or curious, or hate it entirely; but I have been beginning to like being able to put part of my review into a creative form by putting my opinion onto screenshots.

“Only you can determine who is worthwhile among the selected editors around the world to have the opportunity of visiting Webzen. Choose the editor that you think is ideal and can speak your thoughts. Only the chosen top 3 editors will visit and get the privilege of aquiring exclusive information about C9. Now is your time to vote.”

This is exactly where the GameOgre community, blog readers, and everyone can give the ogres some oomf! and at the same time celebrate the release of an amazing game.

I enjoyed playing C9 and preparing the preview for you all.

So help us out by heading over there and giving us a vote!