Avid game fans like to stand up and be counted when it comes to the types of games they love to play. These days, as role playing games (RPGs) and massively multiplayer online games (MMOs) surge in popularity across the globe, players are demanding their own versions of these incredibly popular hero themed online video games. Well, as they say, ask and ye shall receive! In this article we’ll take a look at five of the coolest, most riveting, popular, thrilling hero based online games out today.


Topping the list of action packed, hero-based games is without a doubt Gladiator slot machine game. Developed in 2008, the game itself is spin off of the intense, action packed blockbuster movie Gladiator, directed by Ridley Scott and starring Russel Crowe as betrayed General Maximus Decimus Meridius, and delivers a graphically smooth cast of characters from the film battling it out in the Coliseum in Rome.

The Coliseum symbol can appear anywhere in the game. The other symbols include General Maximus, the princess Lucilla, torn between her devotion to her brother and a burning love of Maximus, the great Emperor himself Marcus Aurelius, Senator Gracchus always loyal to the Republic, the scheming Commodus, the son of the Emperor who aspires to the throne, general Maximus’ loyal friend and fellow gladiator, Juba the Numidian and of course the gladiator trainer and merchant of mortal combat spectacle, Proximo, as well as the king and queen avatars.

Once you’ve made your selection, delightfully animated gladiators rush into the bonus round arena where your prizes await. Trigger the gladiator bonus by scoring three or more gladiator helmets and you activate the Gladiator bonus round, in which nine gladiator helmets pop up, in either gold, silver or bronze, to reveal your loot. Earn nine gold helmets and you trigger the fantastic Gladiator treasure.

Zeus III 

The pantheon of Greek gods make an appearance in Zeus III, in this game from Williams Interactive. Step into the world of ancient Greek mythology with symbols that include a Greek vase, coin, warship, helmet and the majestic winged horse Pegasus. When Zeus appears, he can cover the whole game world to increase your chances of winning the game.

Olympus Glory

If you liked Zeus III, you’ll love Olympus Glory, yet another journey into ancient Greek mythology. This graphically delightful game comes with a host of godly features. Adorning the game are the warrior goddess Athena, the luscious and appealing Aphrodite, the fearsome Poseidon with his trident and a youthful Dionysus toasting with his golden cup of wine.

Book of Ra 6

Journey to ancient Egypt in this incredible game from Novomatic to explore the mysteries of the afterlife in this exciting free online game. Book of Ra 6 is without any doubt the most popular ancient Egypt themed game.

Nordic Heroes

This sleek game transports you to the forests of ancient Scandinavia on a journey filled with wolves, eagles, arrows, coins, magic mushrooms, berries and shield maidens. Bonus shields and sword symbols are the most valuable, with a Mystery lurking in the woods and Bonus Battle rounds where you’ll need to defeat three awesome monsters!