Where as League of legends is undoubtedly the top hardcore MOBA, Heroes of the Storm can be considered the mainstream MOBA. The community is more forgiving and the game is much easier to jump into and start playing.

Post Date: 18:23 30-05-2015
Rating: 9
Author: axwellshm
Comment: This game is not at the one more step to be finished. Blizzard did really good job about this game, they really improved gameplay, added some decent heroes and I love it. Best thing in this game are the tasks in which you get to control some epic seed, or curse enemy team, it matters from map. 9/10.
Post Date: 12:25 29-05-2015
Rating: 6
Author: ivekvv256
Comment: I’ve tried out the game and it’s not the same like other MOBA’s, mainly due to the fact that there are no items in the game (but there are talents) which makes the whole game easier to learn and not very challenging. The game itself still requires a certain amount of skill, and basic knowledge of champion abilities etc. Map is unique and well designed, heroes look good and not much is taken from other MOBA games. All in all it’s a decent game, but I don’t think it’s for guys who have played LoL, Dota2, Smite (or other MOBA’s) before. 6/10
Post Date: 15:09 20-05-2015
Rating: 5
Author: LosmiK
Comment: I like the game, is now out of beta 🙂
Post Date: 19:46 15-05-2015
Rating: 6
Author: brankomiljus20
Comment: Another good game from Blizzard, after haveing sucess in trading card game, they are wana try themselves in MOBA, so they made Heroes of the Storm. There are 4 different maps that have different objectives which can help you to destroy enemy nexus. Graphic and sound are rly good. Personally i dont like this game so much.
Post Date: 13:50 17-04-2015
Rating: 10
Author: Croco12
Comment: Aaamazing game which is currently on Closed BETA Testing. Blizzard is publisher of it and other great games which have similiar characters and story. Graphics is great, gameplay is masterpiece(mostly because like MOBAs and this one is not based on itemming stuff). 10/10 if you ask me.
Post Date: 12:16 08-04-2015
Rating: 10
Author: LosmiK
Comment: I like the game, I’d love to get a key.
Post Date: 14:42 27-02-2015
Rating: 10
Author: axwellshm
Comment: The game which is produced by Blizzard, and which I just got yesterday to play is a whole new combination of League of Legends and Dota that are united together as a Heroes of the Storm.

Game which is based on leveling skills and destroying enemies team base is what I like. Especially because all of the characters are based on World of Warcraft. I am going to rate this game 10/10.

Post Date: 10:23 21-11-2014
Rating: 10
Author: arZ
Comment: The developer and the publisher from Heroes of the Storm is one of the famous game company Blizzard Entertainment. The game is still not released and we all are still
waiting for the release date. But this game is open for the beta tester, and the closed beta testing will begin on January 15th 2015. You can still sing up for the
beta tester. I am singed, hope that I get the test account. Heroes of the storm is a multi player online battle arena video game, or we can say a MOBA. I still didnt play this game but i watched some videos and read some reviews about it. This could be a big competitons for League of Legends and Dota2. Its got a unique game
play and its a combination from all blizzard games like, warcraft, diablo and starcraft. The champions in this game are based from the other blizzard games.

Lets talk little bit about the gameplay. Cant write so much about it, because blizzard dont wrote any details about this game. So I can just wrote what I saw and read about this game. So its a game five vs five like in all other most popular MOBAS. But you can chose another game modes, normal, bot game or ranked. At the start you need to pick one of the 20 champions at the moment and you are controlling it. I read it will be the same like in league, every week a free champ rotation but you can buy with real money all other champions or heroes. After you pick a champ the point in this game is to destroy the enemy town hall with your team mates and to defend you own one. Every champion got three skills and one ultimate skill. Killing minions or neutral monsters you get gold and experience. For gold you can buy items in the shop and for experience you level up and you can level up one of you four skills and make them stronger. Killing enemy champs gives you lot more gold and experience but its much more harder to kill him. The graphic from this game is awesome and the sound and sound effect are really cool. The champions design are beautiful. Who played any of the Blizzard game would fall in love with this game like me. I am not a fan from new game, when I play one game I play it for a long time, but this is a game where I need to start to play it from beta. I singed in for
the beta tester and I hope that I would be one of the lucky testers for this game. Recommended this game for all true moba lovers and who want to try something new,
not just League of Legends and Dota. This game can be better then League. Blizzard had never a fail game before, so I think this game would be one of the best mobas in year 2015. I rate this game with a note 10/10, because i know this will be a awesome game. Got really good graphic and its a Blizzard game. Recommended it for all!

Post Date: 17:46 29-10-2014
Rating: 5
Author: Mihajlo
Comment: Heroes of the Storm is Blizzard’s MOBA, it’s easy to learn and different from other popular MOBAs. All heroes are from Blizzard’s games. Heroes gain new talents at levels 1, 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, and 20. XP gain is on team level – everybody from one team will level up at the same time. I rate this game 9/10.
Post Date: 10:48 09-06-2014
Rating: 9
Author: FrendlyLeBlanc
Comment: Great game and i have to write very long review for this great game 🙂 In this review i will write about all in game 🙂
This is MONA game developed by Blizzard Entertainment. 🙂
This game is like Warcraft and other games and i can say to this is combination of few games 🙂

Heroes come from Warcraft, Diablo and StarCraft 🙂
Have 4 group of heroes:
Assassin- they deal big damage to single target with basic attack and ability
Warriors- they have lot of health and they are hard to kill (like tanks in League of legends)
Support- support help all team ( heal them and more things )
Specialist- They have strategy and organize team

Now i will write my favourite heroes from every category:
Assassins: Illidan and Tychus. Illidan come from Warcaft when Tychus from StarCraft 🙂 For Illidan i most love Blood for Blood talent when for Tychus Executioner talent 🙂
Warriors: Muradin and Diablo. Muradin come from Warcraft, like Illidan, when Diablo from Diablo 🙂 For Muradin most love Spell Shield talent when for Diablo most love Bolt of the Storm talent 🙂
Supports: Li Li and Brightwing 🙂 Both heroes come from Worcraft 🙂 For Li Li i most love to use Storm Shield talent when from Brightwing Blink Heal talent 🙂
Specialists: Zagara and Gazlowe 🙂 Zagara come from StarCraft when Gazlowe come from Warcraft :)On Gazlowe i most love to use Long-Ranged Turrets (Q) talent because of his Q 🙂

Near heroes and talents we also have maps or battleground 🙂
First map or battleground is Blackheart’s Bay 🙂
That map is dark and on her have treasure which heroes can attack 🙂
Second map or battleground is Cursed Hollow
That map is forest
Third map or battleground is Dragon Shire
On that map teams captured Obelisks 🙂
Haunted Mines

Mercenary camp are camps bettwen lines like jungle in League of Legends 🙂 From them you got bonus experience when you kill them 🙂 In that cam you can find Siege giants, Knights and Grave Golem 🙂

I almost say all but i will write all heroes 🙂
Assassins: Demon Hunter, Falstad,Illidan,Kerrigan, Nova, Raynor, Tychus, Zeratul
Warriors: Arthas, Barbarian, Dibalo, E.T.C, Muradin, Stitches, Tyrael
Supports: Brightwing, Li Li, Malfurion, Tassadar, Tyrande, Uther
Specialists: Abathur, Gazlowe Murky, Sgt. Hammer, Witch Doctor, Zagara

Warcraft: This is heroes who come from Warcraft 🙂 Brightwing, Muradin, Gazlowe, Malfurion, Arthas, Illidan, Falstad, Uther, Stitches, Tyrande, E.T.C
StarCraft: This is heroes who come from StarCraft: Kerrigan, Tychus, Tassadar, Raynor, Abathur, Nova, Sgt. hameer, Zeratul
Diablo: This is heroes who come from diablo: Tyrael, Demon hunter: Witch doctor, Diablo, Barbarian. 🙂

I hope to o help you about this game 🙂
You only need to sign up to beta key and to get that 🙂 I got that and i really happy 🙂 My mark for this game is 9/10 because have litlle nuber of Heroes but i understand that
because this is new game and in future will be better 🙂

So i now finish this very long review and i again say to i hope to i help you and i rate this game with big 9 😀

Heroes of the Storm
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  1. One of the mobas that i like more than LoL….Reason is there are no items and you only have talents and skills for you hero..Its not like LoL if you get fed you can 1v5 their team….Here is required alot more teamwork than in any moba i’ve seen so far….Pretty much recommend it to moba fans

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  2. Blizzard’s game,what should I tell you more? Very unique moba,bcs you don’t have items,you upgrade talents in way you want,and you can play one hero in so many different ways. You always play different map,on every map you have some different goal,so your playstyle isn’t same in every game.The game is really dependent on teamwork.Heroes are from blizzard’s other games.
    I highly recommend this game. 🙂

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  3. I will do detalited review now when I have enough time to do so.So lets start from MOBA as game genre.In every moba you have arena,like 5v5,and point is to destroy enemy base,that is the goal.I have played a lot moba games and HOTS is very very unique,i think it is most unique moba game today. Expect you have classic goal to destroy enemy base,you have “side missions” which will help you to reach your goal. Those side missions depend on map,every map has it own missions,for example,you have map which is called “Tomb of Spider Queen”,on that map,you have to collect spiders and when you reach some number,you spawn a big spider which will fight for you,and that is big advantage.As I said,every map has some unique content,and on every map you have to reach your goal in a different way than the map you played before,that keeps your gameplay fresh all the time.So I would give 5 stars for gameplay,that for sure.
    Lets move on,i will talk about heroes now.Heroes in hots are from other blizzards games,maybe you will know some (Illidan if you played w3),maybe you wont,but you will like almost everyone,i can guarantee that.There are few hero classes:
    1)Assassin,as the name implies,his duty is to kill enemy in short period of time,and he deals a lot of damage in that short period,usually to one target,as assassin,you are making ambush ,and killing enemy when he doesn’t expect it,if you somehow don’t kill enemy in that short period of time,you will die.
    2)Warrior,as the name implies,his duty is to deal damage,but also to receive damage and withstand enemy attacks,in this game,your main duty is to protect your allies,they always have some crowd control(like stuns,slows,knocks up … etc).I would recommend you this class to play in beginning.
    3)Support- his duty is to heal,protect and makes your allies stronger,empower them.Main duty is to keep your allies alive.
    4)Specialist-my favorite class is specialist,because they are most unique characters in this game,and you have to do a lot different things with one specialist.Specialist could be some “pusher monster”,but also it could be some teamfight lord.They aren’t “subclass” of others,they are class for themselves.I wouldn’t recommend you to play them in beginning because they are very hard to play.
    That is about heroes,lets talk about community and graphic now.Graphic is totally okay,you don’t have to have some 1000euros computer to play this game,so don’t expect a lot from graphic.
    Community is great,maybe best community I have ever met,they are all friendly,there aren’t toxic players like in LoL,everyone want to help you,to introduce you the game and content.
    In this game you don’t have items,which is also unique,and classic spells.You have talents,on every few level you get “talent upgrade” and you are making your character as you want for every single game,you wont have same gameplay with same hero in everygame,because as game pass,you are making him as you want.Game is FREE TO PLAY,it isn’t pay to win,and that is major thing.
    I forgot one thing,that is you have to play as team,you cant win game by yourself,this game depends on teamfights,and on teamwork,if you don’t play as team,you will lose,i guarantee you that.
    This text above was “pros”,now I will speak about “cons”.
    One of things I don’t like is that every player in your team gets levels and staff in same time,you are getting levels as team,not as inidiviual.Another thing is that you have to buy heores (like in LoL),I think if they put all champs free,game will be perfect,but,lets be objective,they have to earn money somehow,so this isn’t real “cons”.

    I hope I introduce you this game in a right way.Greetings

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  4. Game will be really popular,we all have dreams to be gamers,and to be on some teams maybe,but thats not possible on league,more than 200 heroes and you have to know what will they do-thats way to much for new player,but HoTs is new game,beta closed,season 1 started,i think people will start playing it,and community is way to btter than league and other mobas 🙂 5/5

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  5. Excellent MOBA by Blizzard which has seems to take some inspirations from Dota. Gameplay is simple to understand in that the player enters a 5v5 match, and the main objective is to destroy the King’s Core. Game is composed of over 90 heroes, all of which are from Blizzard’s own games like from Warcraft, Diablo, and StarCraft. It’s a pretty good game if you’re a fan of the Blizzard franchise. Overall, I’d rate this game a 4.73/5.

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