This is one of the best certification exams in the HP industry as it focuses on HPE infrastructure strategy skills.The HPE0-S51 test measures whether the candidates have great knowledge of the viable market after which they can get jobs as ProLiant Server Experts or Data Center Technicians. For you to take the exam, you need to have working experience in areas of HPE, such as networking, storage,and server, as well as hands-on experience in alternative HPE SMB solutions and technologies.

TheHPE0-S51certification exam has a total of 60 questions which you are required to complete within 1 hour 30 minutes. The passing score is set to be 63 percent.

You need to train before taking tis HPE exam so that you have all the knowledge you need to handle the questions. Here are the training courses for theHPE0-S51test:

  • SMB architectures and technologies
  • HPE products, solutions, and services to meet the business requirement
  • Planning and designing solutions using the HPE SMB portfolio to meet customer business requirements, like sizing, design,and planning and when to use them
  • Installation, configuration and upgrading HPE SMB solution components
  • Troubleshoot and repair of HPE SMB solution components
  • Managing, administering, monitoring and operating HPE SMB solutions and their components 

7 Effective Tips for Passing the HPE0-S51Exam

Although you already have your experience to fall back on, you still need to prepare for this exam in the best way possible. Here are tips for passing the HPE certification exam: 

  1. Review all course materials

The information that you get from your coursework is vital for purposes of preparing for the exam hence you have access to all the relevant study materials that are available. This gives you multiple ways of preparing for the exam and you will be able to approach your study in different angles and eventually understand the concepts that you will be tested on in the exam. Whenever you encounter an area that is difficult for you to understand, you should mark it and revisit it when you have more time to better understand it or ask for help from an instructor. 

  1. Use practice questions

They say practice makes perfect and they are right. The more practice exam questions you try answering, the more you will be comfortable sitting for the actual exam. These practice questions are designed to reflect the actual experience you will get sitting for the exam. The exam simulation will help you understand the pattern of the exam, the questions that will be asked, the format of the questions and the actual duration that you will be given to sit for the exam. This will help you prepare for the test efficiently and pass it. 

  1. Master your technical skills

The exam is based on your technical skills and you should ensure that you polish your skills before the test. The fact that you have a level of experience should make it easy for you to understand what is required of you. You need to be able to solve problems that will be presented to you and master the concepts of HPE SMB solutions and their components. You also need to know how to operate, manage and monitor the systems which come down to your level of skill. When you are able to operate the way you would operate in a professional setting, you will be able to handle the questions that will be asked in the exam. 

  1. Use the HPE Preparation Guide

This guide gives you a step-by-step preparation procedure for the exam to help you get ready for the exam efficiently and you should use it. Because HPE is the author of the exam, you need to take their recommendations to the heart and follow them to the very last one. The guide will direct your preparation steps and give you an insight into what you should do, how you should do it and when you should do it. There is no better way to prepare for the exam than this. 

  1. Check out the HPE Press

This is a platform that allows HPE to communicate with their exam candidates and help them get ready for the exam. You can get study materials and additional resources here to help you pass the exam. This is also the place where you will be notified of any changes or eventualities concerning the exam to keep you updated with their processes. Any concerns you have will be addressed here and you can walk into the exam feeling confident and comfortable. Check the site to find the recommended book for your exam preparation (HTP ATP- Data Center Solutions). 

  1. Use your experience to tackle the questions

Most of the questions in these exams are based on the experience you have in the industry and you are expected to use that experience to solve the scenarios that will be presented to you. What you really need to focus on when you are preparing for the exam is how you would approach a certain problem in a professional setting and that will guide you in getting correct answers for the questions asked. You can test your level of preparedness by attempting to exam simulations and answering the practice questions asked so that you identify areas that require your extra attention.

PrepAway Practice Test:

  1. Manage your time well

Time management is very important when you are preparing for the exam. You need to ensure that you study frequently during the week and you should place a target that you need to meet. When you meet those targets you will be able to be fully prepared for the exam when the time comes for you to take it. This goes a long way in helping you complete the exam comfortably within the stipulated time.


You need to have a positive attitude all the way and face any challenges with grace. Do not face challenges by yourself but rather ask for help from the right people and sources. With proper preparation, you will pass the HPE0-S51exam, move to the next certification stage, and further your career.