Ever get to playing a MMORPG like World of Warcraft and have a hard time to stop in order to go to bed? Take it from somebody with plenty of experience in these matters, not having enough sleep can hurt your whole day. Besides, that it can lead to many other even worse issues down the road. Thus, if you ever need mental heath help related to coping with anxiety due to lack of sleep, please contact BetterHelp.

Yes, there have been many times where it was hard to stop playing at night. Sometimes it was trying to level a character before sleeping or being in a great group of other players sprinkled over different time zones. You have just met them and may not play with them again so you trudge on without sleeping. Better yet, it could be a combination of these two at the same time! The worst part is looking from your computer screen to see the sun peeking from behind the curtains because you have played straight into the morning. You know about the time you should be waking up after a long night’s sleep!

There are a few other examples of overdoing gaming instead of sleeping, but these are the main two for me. How do you get past this to sleep more? You do it by forming better habits and possibly switching games. You want a game that you can fit into your schedule (not somebody else’s) and still enjoy playing. For example, it can be in the morning after sleeping with a cup of coffee for adults. For younger gamers, it could be for a short time after school. The main idea is to enjoy gaming without it hurting your sleeping. This can be done if you make doing it the right way a habit!

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  1. yes, i am agree with you. for other people morning will start with cup of coffee but for younger one they are thinking of game. (about last night game) when i will going to resume that game.

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  2. I tend to have that “just one more” moment where I want to continue playing a game to finish a task, but sometimes it’s just better to be done for the night. It’s always important to have a constant reminder that the game isn’t going anywhere and you can always pick up the game later.

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