Infiltrating The Airship

Infiltrating The AirshipGame Description and Comments

Infiltrating The Airship is a funny stick figure game where you point and click your way through a mission that will free you. However, any choice you make while in the air can also lead to your untimely death. In fact, deaths and failures are so likely that they counted after each wrong choice. For example, I died just by shaking a can of foam. This game is very different than most so exploring all the possibilities is more fun than you would think. Overall, a very entertaining way to pass the time.

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1. Free online game.

2. Stick Figures.

3. Focus on humor.

4. Point and click decisions.

5. Mission in the sky.

6. Each scene can be fatal.

7. Can choose various items each time.

8. Nice voice acting.

9. Medals can be earned.

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Infiltrating The Airship is a free flash game published for the web and is supported primarily by advertising.

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  1. Game isn’t interesting for me,gameplay is boring,graphic is okay,thanks god it is free

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