Repulse is a Sci-fi MMOFPS by Aeria Games that has a lot to offer in the gaming industry as it launches its Closed Beta. Can you give us a brief introduction about this action-packed game?


Repulse is a fast-paced, multiplayer FPS with great graphics and unique player abilities. With a compelling sci-fi themed story, fast match-making, eye popping graphics and tons of gear and map options, Repulse promises to deliver hours of hardcore pwnage for everyone, from novice to veteran.


Repulse has a Halo feel to it for me, what was the backstory for this game and what is going to set it apart from other FPS?


The game is set in the not-too-distant future, where pollution has threatened to cause the extinction of mankind. Faced with impending doom, humans have scoured the Earth to assemble a specialized squadron capable of overtaking the only viable planet for the future home of mankind. Players must prove they have what it takes to rescue humanity from the brink of destruction. Repulse stands out from the free2play FPS genre with high-quality graphics, built on the advanced Jupiter EX engine, and its signature boost and dodge movement abilities for players.


Can you tell us about the Characters in Repulse? How do they play into the story and what do they offer the players in terms of style and skills?


Each class comes with an in-depth backstory (which you can read at that serves to introduce you to their unique skills and abilities. The Sniper, for instance, is the only class that can utilize cloaking and has access to high-powered rifles. The Engineer is capable of healing other players and the Assault produces a durable, versatile soldiers.

The graphics for this game are stunning. Can you tell us a bit about the engine it was created with and what it means for the players?


Repulse utilizes the Jupiter EX engine, an enhanced version of the Lithtech engine that includes the addition of Havok physics for more realistic gameplay. Other games that use the Lithtech Jupiter EX engine include F.E.A.R. and Condemned: Criminal Origins.


Weapons are essential in any FPS. Can you tell us what kind of ranged and melee weapons can each player use in the game?


Every player starts with a gnarly knife-sized chainsaw, which they can use for brutal up-close melee attacks or as a propellant for supersized jumps. There’s also a variety of rifles, sub-machine guns, hand guns and other gear. You can find a full description of each available weapon at the website:


Aside from weapons, items such as armors and gears are also used in Repulse to improve the character’s abilities and movement. Can you give us some details about this?


Each player comes with a standard set of armor and weapons. As you progress through the game, you’ll gain access to class-specific armors and head gear. For instance, the Engineer gains access to headgear that can scan other players for the HP and EP readings.

Are players able to trade weapons, armor, and other items in-game?


No, at this point players will not be able to trade any items.


What kind of player communication systems will be offered for players? Often voice is essential for a great FPS. Will you have any type of built in voice chat?


Players will be able to communicate with other players on the map via the keyboard chat feature. Voice chat is not yet built into Repulse.


One of the best features of a game are the sounds as you play. They can add a real ambiance and draw you further into the game. Can you give us some details about the sounds in Repulse and how realistic it is?


There is a wide variety of character voices in the game for different situations that are triggered by different events. When characters jump, get hurt, or die, you can hear them gasp or groan. I think another unique sound in the game is the zombie voice in the Invasion mode. Their monster-like voice adds extra depth to the game and gives the zombies more character than just their visual appearance.


What kind of maps and weather can player expect to encounter in-game?


There are both outdoor and indoor maps with different features such as underground passages and overhangs. Some maps are very large, with hidden corridors and lots of great vantage points to shoot from. Other maps are smaller, but provide fast-paced gameplay with enemies around every corner. Besides the different time of day some maps are, there are no other weather attributes.


Repulse promises thrilling game modes from team battles to single player modes. Can you tell us more about these modes?


Repulse offers a classic 16-player Deathmatch mode, in addition to 8 other enticing combat scenarios. Players can participate in several types objective-based modes, including two version of Capture the Flag games, an escape scenario called Evac and a mode called Demolition. Players can test their Zombie skills in the Invasion game mode as well. We’ve also included some more creative game modes, such as Sniper and Melee. There’s definitely a lot of options for players to experiment with.


What is the maturity level of Repulse and the recommended playing age?


The maturity rating can be adjusted between Mature and Teen. This adjustment affects the blood and gore settings.


Clans are essential in games not only for regular people to play with but often to grow and develop further. Will clans or guilds be available in Repulse? If so, what kinds of benefits will they offer players?


In Repulse, players can join clans (Squadrons) and share gameplay tips or play together.


What is your favorite feature of Repulse and why?


Our favorite feature is the Boost Jump ability. Leaping across the map is extremely satisfying and is a great way to take your enemies by surprise. We also enjoy using the Boost Jump after a wall jump to get that extra distance over obstacles.


What do you recommend all new players try at least once when playing Repulse for the first time?


I would recommend that all new players try the special Action Moves. These moves are what make Repulse unique, and while they require skill to use, make the gameplay much more unique and exciting. Whether or not you choose to play regularly with the Action Moves, it is something everyone should try at least once!


Is there anything else you want to tell us about the game?


We’re currently accepting sign-ups for closed beta over at the newly-launched Repulse website: