War2Glory is a real-time strategy game published by Just A Game. Can you give us a brief introduction about the game?

WAR2 Glory is set in the heart of World War II and thrusts the players into the centre of global conflict. WAR2 Glory combines both city management and real-time combat into a deeply strategic experience. Players are able to choose to fight for either the Axis or the Allies and can utilise over 40 authentic weapons of war from World War II in a truly immersive environment. To defeat their opponents on land, sea and air players must use all of their skills and strategy to outmanoeuvre their opponents.


The scenes from the trailer are really good. Can you tell us about the timeline and the inspiration behind this game?

We’ve always been gamers and we wanted to create a game that anyone could get into, but that had lasting playability; a game that could be both exciting and casual. From our experience we knew a browser based MMO strategy game would fit.  We also knew that we wanted to create the most visceral experience that we could, which placed us directly into the WWII setting. WAR2 Glory was born and, in just one year since launch, has grown to cover nine different languages and across every continent!

Commanders are what the player’s characters are called in the game. Can you us some details about Commander creation in War2 Glory? Are there different Commanders you can choice from?

Commander choice defines what a player looks like to all other players and helps to create an in-game identity and personality. A player chooses their name, any of several character portraits and a banner, which will fly high over their cities to indicate ownership. Commander creation is cosmetic, but the different portraits can affect how you interact with other gamers.


 What kind of buildings can players acquire and build for defense and battles?

WAR2 Glory gives players to opportunity to utilize over 40 authentic WWII vehicles on land, sea and air such as Soviet Katyusha Rocket Artillery, German U-Boats and the US built B-17 Flying Fortress which are built directly from their Arms Plants and can be used for defence and offence. Players can also construct various defences within their city walls, for example, the Bofors 40mm Anti-Air gun to destroy enemy aircraft or the M2A1 Howitzer to decimate enemy tank forces.

Are there special buildings that they can build to make their ‘City’ stronger?

Every building plays a significant role within a WAR2 Glory city. Careful placement, management and upgrading of all unique buildings within a city can provide a decided advantage to a player. Unique buildings can provide better quality officers, allow the deployment of larger armies, allow greater reinforcement and communication with allies and provide better intelligence and reconnaissance as well as many other benefits.


How does the economy work in game? What kind of currency does War2 Glory Online have?

WAR2 Glory is a free to play MMO. Players need only register at war2glory.co.uk and then they can login, create their own personalized commander and begin to play. Premium items, which provide advantages, can be found in game by defeating enemies and completing missions, or purchased from the in-game item shop with Diamonds, the in-game currency.

 Alliances are essential for every player not only to make their characters and Cities stronger, but also to communicate and make good friends in the game. Can you give us some details about this feature? What benefits can players gain by joining an Alliance? Will there be different benefits if one can make their own Alliance?

Alliances are unions of players who fight together for the same objectives and share common goals, be they domination, expansion or construction.

Alliances have a myriad of benefits beyond the strong sense of camaraderie and community that comes from being a member. Alliance members can band together into United Offensives to take down much more powerful opponents. Members can lend soldiers to each other’s bases to help defend against enemy aggression. Using a Trade Centre, Alliance members can also trade resources between one another and, in Alliance chat and via Alliance mail, they can coordinate strategies to expand their sphere of influence. We also have a brand new Alliance PvP feature, where players can build an Alliance owned island Stronghold which will allow direct Alliance vs Alliance combat.

If a player has started their own Alliance they will have total control over the ranks of players within the Alliance and diplomatic status with all other Alliances. They will also bear the responsibility for leading and coordinating their members and the Alliance Stronghold, the most noticeable symbol of Alliance strength.


What kinds of missions can players acquire and do in the game? What kind of rewards can they have after they are able to accomplish it?

There are missions for every play style in WAR2 Glory. Whether you are a builder and want to construct and expand your cities in peace, or you are a true combat veteran and want to smash your way to the top of the rankings, you will find a quest that fits your actions perfectly. Mission rewards are generally in the form of in-game items which allow players to gain strategic advantages over others, such as more powerful units and faster construction, but they can also reward Reputation, Officer Equipment or even Diamonds. We have epic storyline missions that span multiple quests and link together, which give greater rewards for those willing to complete them. We also have missions which can be claimed each day and which give players extra resources and units as determined by rank and free Diamonds to spend as they please.

Is there a messaging system in the game? How can players communicate in-game?

Players can communicate via in-game mail to any other player or send bulk mails to their Alliance. WAR2 boasts an in-game chat system with World chat, Private chat and Alliance chat options. Many of our players also communicate via the forums, our facebook page and our wiki. TeamSpeak servers and Skype are also used by some players to keep in contact with their Alliance.


What is a ‘Reputation’ and “Reputation Limit’ set in the War2 Glory? What is its importance and how can players acquire this?

Reputation is a measure of a Commanders growth through the game. Reputation can be acquired through construction and expansion of cities, by fighting battles against NPCs and other players and by completing missions. As a Commander increases in Reputation they are able to increase the rank of their Commander which allows them to construct new cities, experience new missions and receive greater daily rewards.


 What is your favorite thing to do in War2 Glory?

I live for player versus player combat. My absolute favourite thing to do is to match wits against another player, especially one who is more powerful than I am, to see whether I can defeat them with superior tactics. This is the only way to get Honour as well, which is a measure of how often you have succeeded in PvP and allows me to purchase powerful items for my officers and come back even stronger, even after a loss.


What do you recommend all players try at least once in the game?

Everyone should take part in the community. It’s active, fun, helpful and full of friends. But honestly, you have to stick around and try out the PvP combat. If you only try one thing it has to be this. It’s immersive, strategic and deeply addictive. There is nothing like testing your mettle against another player in a straight out battle of wits, and that sensation of victory, especially when you’re on a retributive strike, nothing beats it.

Is there anything else you want to tell us about the game?

We go further both in game and out of game. We offer a level of depth and strategy that is rarely seen in any game, let alone a browser game. WAR2 Glory has a large, active and friendly community. With over 2.2 million registered players our servers are always buzzing with excitement. Our Game Masters are the most dedicated around and are always available to provide support to those in need and exciting events for those who like more out of their games. Simply put, there is always something happening in WAR2 Glory.




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