This week housed the Christmas and Yule holiday so many ogres have overfed themselves on roast boar and ate a Christmas tree—Ogreman himself even put a red stocking cap on his club and smashed a few Scrooges along the way. By now, many of the ogrekin are snoring away in giant chairs and waiting for the snow drifts to let up before wandering out again.

Until then, catch up with the community and see what everyone is talking about.


Forumgoing ogre Kingsfield asks, “Where does Santa come from?” Just wait until he hears about the Krampus.


The impromptu Christmas party that led to Ogreman putting a stocking-cap on his club and smashing a few tables got started by CrownKnight.


The Great Ogre War of Never happened in 2000 but nobody remembers it—still, interstingly enough, there’s an Ogre Veterans Day and if you manage to get yourself over 700 posts you can hang out with the other grizzled veterans! Hang up your axe/sword/cub/uprooted-fir-tree and take a seat by the roaring fireplace.

EDITOR’S PICK (Ogreman told me to do this)

Ogremas rang in the holiday season with a roar…and a pounding…and pounding headaches. Did I mention that Ogreman put a Santa hat on his club and delivered presents by smashing them across the room? Fortunately, ogres don’t wrap fragile presents—many a rock was unwrapped that day.


For everyone else, check out these threads to keep up with the news and events going on and we’ll see you after New Ogre’s Eve.


A new game—Ogre Siege is everything you want it to be. Ogres, sieging, … more sieging.


MMORPG Showdown 8 is underway. It’s time to get predictions ready. Just check up on the participants and let’s get to town.