Today the Weekly Humble Bundle featured games that were kick started appropriately enough with Kickstarter. There are a total of seven games available across three different tiers. The selection this time is quite varied and should appeal to wide variety of gamers. For example, retro gamers should enjoy at least some the games Retro Game crunch while RPG fans have a lot to like with Lords of Xulima. WarMachine should be a nice surprise for turn-based strategy fans or hobbyists who love the table top miniatures. The price is also good because the game normally sells for $39.99 on Steam. That is quite a large discount with other games to boot!


Actually, the main two games that I wanted from this bundle were Lords of Xulima and Warmachine. I already bought Full Bore from a previous bundle and Guns of Icarus Online from a Steam Four Pack years ago. That said, I wound up getting the best tier for $13. Overall, I have to say it was a good bundle and well worth the price I paid for it. Some of these Kickstarter games are very innovative and it is nice to see them see the light of day due to crowdfunding. Look for GameOgre to cover more of these types of games in the future.


First $1 or More Tier

Full Bore

Guns of Icarus Online


Above the Average Tier

Among the Sleep

Retro Game Crunch

$13 or more Tier

Lords of Xulima

Warmachine Tactics

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  1. Yeah kickstarter is a good way to have players from their existing fanbase to support the first few stages of development for the game, it’s great option for indie companies.

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