If you are a lover of classic Solitaire and like to play its different versions that have specifics, then you must try Baker’s Dozen. This is an easy yet super-gripping game that just needs the presence of mind and some skills to win. So, if you are interested in trying this free Solitaire option and want to understand its basic rules as well as the steps that allow you to achieve victory faster and easier, read on to know all this!

What Is Baker’s Dozen Solitaire?

Card Games To Play is a famous version of Solitaire card games. You can play it alone and you only need a deck with all 52 cards or four suits. This game is also available online for free and can be found in some apps for smartphones, so you can play it whenever and wherever you want.

The goal of Baker’s Dozen is the same as in other classic Solitaire variations. One should form all the four suits in a series starting from the Aces and ending with the Kings. It has to be done by creating four foundation piles. Still, the gaming process has some differences.

How to Set-up the Tableau of the Game?

The tableau for the Baker’s Dozen game is set by dealing 13 cards in a row faced up. After that, one has to create three more rows and each of them should overlap the previous one. In the end, each of the 52 cards should be present in 13 columns – four cards per each. Notice that there are no hidden cards in this Free Spider Solitaire Masters Play Online . Before the game begins, move all Kings at the bottom-most position so that they can’t create any obstruction in the corresponding tableau.

What Are the Next Steps and Things to Know?

The first thing to pay attention to when you start to play Solitaire of this type is that once the Ace is visible in any of the columns, you cannot put another card to cover it. Instead, you should use it to build the foundation pile. Still, if there is any other uncovered card in the tableau, you can play with it further, searching for the next-lowest card of the other suit to make sequences. For instance, the 8 of the spades can be placed on the 9 of the diamonds or clubs or hearts but you cannot place it on the 9 of the spades. Also, remember that only the top cards are available for playing and if the column gets empty, you can’t fill it with any other card or sequence.

The Crux

There are hundreds of variations of Solitaire games today but some of them don’t lose their fame even after many years. The Baker’s Dozen is one such example since it has simple rules and engages the player quickly. Moreover, it also has its own versions such as Spanish Patience or Good Measure. You can easily find this type of Solitaire online or play with physical cards. It will help relax your mind and will bring the pleasure of winning!