With the world taken over by the coronavirus pandemic, everyone seems to be keen on promoting social distancing. Now, the gaming industry is also doing its bit to promote social distancing. Technology and video games companies are working with the World Health Organization with their campaign to keep people around apart from each other. Google and Facebook, the prodigious technological companies, are now making attempts that exhibit that it will be prudent for them to make use of this opportunity to reach out to more people as they are stuck at home and secure a significant portion of the gaming market. Even sites like https://holymolycasinos.com/ are offering new games to take over the gaming market.

Launch of Some New Features

A new feature has been launched by Facebook Gaming this week where it allows the users to develop their tournament with their friends. As well as the general public when they play with each other in games such as Call of Duty: Warzone and Fortnite from their home. There are the best bingo sites that are allowing players to stay back home and play using their own devices.

This feature had been developed for eSports. It is just like creating an event on the social media channel. It allows the users to design their tournaments which update the leaderboards and the brackets. This is for raising money for a charitable cause such as COVID-19 relief.

Ryerson University’s professor, Laurel Walzak, said that the idea that the social media site has come up with is good for themselves, as well as the consumers. Walzak specializes in games, and he stated that Facebook is offering the consumers a chance to engage with one another while developing more brand loyalty.

In the meantime, Google’s Alphabet has announced that it is going to offer its users two-free months of high-end Stadio Pro gaming. It will give them access to 9 games which includes Destiny 2, the cult hit. Stadia was launched in November and received some mixed reviews.

Free for Playing

Walzak said that if companies are offering people free trials, they will integrate them into their service. This, in turn, will help to develop a good relationship with the customers. The company can grab people to play their games, and these are not only the ones who are taking an interest in it; but also to the ones who are looking for various forms of entertainment to engage in.

Amazon, the owner of Twitch which is the most sites for the live streaming games is rewarding Twitch and Amazon prime users with five free games which are worth $100 in total till the 1st of May. This collection includes Turok, which is a 1990s shooting game that has been remastered and Earthlock, which is an indie-role playing title. According to Twitch, there has been a surge in the number of users in the time of this pandemic.

Dan Rayburn says that this is an opportunity for all companies to put out their brand to people and grab more and more players. The idea of giving away services for free is mainly for the consumers to find out what they are like and hopefully, it will lead to the conversion of new customers or subscribers.

According to the reports of Verizon, gaming usage has increased to 75% with the start of this outbreak. In Italy, a noteworthy telecom company had been struggling to keep up with a 70% increase on the network and said the primary cause was people playing Fortnite.

Thus, it isn’t simply the tech giants who are seizing the opportunity in this unprecedented lockdown of almost the whole world. Old media is also making big games as Disney reported that the streaming service now has over 50 million subscribers.

All the conventional video game developers are looking to capture a significant share of the gaming market, providing new offers to the pandemic.

WHO has partnered with hotshot companies in the companies to promote a campaign ‘Play Apart Together’, and this is being supported by Riot Games, Twitch, Alphabet’s YouTube Gaming, and others.