The leading MOBA versus the leading collectible card game.

The Match-Up

The second match of the first round pits two very popular leading games in their respective genres. While both games have been featured for Ogre Game Time in the past and have tournaments on GameOgre, League of Legends tends to dominate awards such as the recent 2015 Online Game Awards. It also enjoys almost a rabid like following on our forum. Will this be enough for victory? Let’s break it down and see!

Tale of the Tape

League of Legends

leagueoflegends2Free to play.
Bright colorful graphics.
Intense action.
One of the most popular games on Twitch.
Great game for competition.



Great graphics for a card game.
Collectible Card Game
One on one action.
Also available on mobile devices.

Select Comments For League of Legends

Rating: 10
Author: shaki997
Comment: This is one of the most popular games in the world right now. You take place as a summoner who summons different champions and battles with them in the fields of justice.
the game is tons of fun and allows you to play a lot of different champions and roles. the game is mainly played in the 5vs5 mode where the objective is to destroy the enemy nexus wich is in the center of the enemy base. the more games you play the bigger level you get. when you get to level 30 you are allowed to play ranked games where the game is at a lot higher level and the game is more serious. the map consists of three lanes with three turrets each and an inhibitor behind them. when the inhibitor is destroyed the minions in the game get stronger and allow you to easily destroy the nexus and win the game. its tons of fun and addictive and I recommend it to anyone.

Rating: 10
Author: Athos
Comment: It is currently the only game installed on my PC. this game is such a masterpiece. Tons of playable characters,professional scene and huge player community who spends over a billion hours playing game in a single month makes this game so epic.

Rating: 9
Author: DoomGuard
Comment: League of Legends. The future of MOBAs! Developed by the company named RIOT Games… with the help of the original Dota developer Icefrog! A game that has shocked many people with this sentence stuck in their mind: Huh…. what do you know… it’s just another Dota clone… Well as we all know clones never really gain the popularity that the real deal gains in a couple of weeks! Well if that is the case, then we can never truly say that League of Legend; LoL’or simply League… is just another clone! It’s popularity surpassed every single MOBA threw the years! The first original MOBA was Dota! It was a map for the Frozen Throne Expansion for Warcraft III developed by Blizzard ent. including the developer Icefrog himself. League is all about teamwork, and yes, ofcourse it took some aspects of Dota… but let’s be honest here people… that does not make it a clone it just makes it a freaking MOBA game! League has struggled threw the years with it’s graphics and HUD models… but today… in the year 2015, I have to say that it 100% looks and feels amazing! Riot’s customer support is really efficient and is working on making the game more ”user friendly” in terms of communication among players!In terms of: Less Toxicity (Or simply no ”flaming” aka insulting each other), and no leaving games! People need to understand that MOBA stands for MULTIPLAYER-You are playing with other people and need no communicate with them the best you can to insure victory! ONLINE-Again… playing with other people across the globe that you do not know! (may not know) BATTLE-Simply the style of the game! Arena-The environment that you are currently playing in! All of these characterize League of Legends as a MOBA game… but it’s popularity comes from the genius minds behind the brilliant Heroes … aka Champions that you control and get to know in the Game Lore! League has massive communities, fans, and simply people that really enjoy League as something more than a game! But even LoL, as everything else.. has Pros and Cons, that i will now define for you so you can take a better grasp at the game and understand it a bit better. So let’s start:
Pros:Great Graphics for a MOBA Game
Interesting Story (Lore)
More than a 120 Heroes to play
The game is free but has micro transactions which is always a great aspect! Many Mods, 4 Maps etc.
Very beginner friendly Tutorial
Ranked Game Mod-for competitive players! (7 Divisions-placements which define your skill in Ranked SoloQ)

As in for the cons: Toxic Community-Players do not forgive and can be very mean…
Unbalanced patches (atleast some of them… where some heroes are just 2 strong and players take advantage of that in Ranked play)
Lag issues on some servers (EUW)

That pretty much tells you guys what you need to know!
With all of this in mind i think League deserves a 9/10 score!

Select Comments for Hearthstone

Rating: 9
Author: dragosbuzz
Comment: Well i never played any card games before. i don’t really like them, but man this game is addictive. i have spent so many hours. As for the the pay to win thing some people say, yeah sure more money = better cards. but i haven’t spent any and still doing good. almost got legend too. you must have patience. The one thing i’d like to mention though is how difficult the game has become for newcomers since the release of Naxx and GVG. I think blizzard should do something about this. Besides that, hearthstone is a great game.

Rating: 9
Author: Croco12
Comment: Another awesome game created by Blizzard. Its based on Warcraft which makes it more attractive for Warcraft fans, including me. Its pretty great card game where you battle your opponent 1v1. I didn’t had chance to play it yet, but I hope I will.
Its game easy to play, but hard to master.
It is a card strategy.
I was given advice: “You shall play this game. It is relaxing. You just lay back and have fun.”
Every card has a different effect or power and you must learn how to use it properly and outsmart the opponent.
9/10 because nothing is perfect and everything can be better!
Also, did I mentioned it is free to play?

Rating: 8
Author: Thedarkboy
Comment: Card games has never been a genre that I’ve been a fan of. Certainly it has happened that we have gathered around the table to pick up a set of cards whose rules we all need to be reminded of, but the temptation has never been in any excessive enthusiasm about the card game as such – but rather in the semi-ambitious attempts to reunite a group of friends from school time for an evening.

We live in a new time, namely, I think. I think that the card game has bent down for unprecedented Minecraft servers, long-term dependencies of World of Warcraft and hectic multiplayer matches in League of Legends. I think that the requirement of the consumer’s imagination has been reduced to a minimum in line with the graphical development and card games in the long run has lost its function.

I’m obviously wrong because Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft has moved into the market, swept both the hardcore enthusiast and the casual player with it on the fly and become one of the largest acts in the e-sports scene. This, it appears, without further effort. Maybe I should not really be surprised. Blizzard, in my world, have always been a studio that can understand a concept, shape it into something of their own and hone it to – not necessarily perfection, but – something that everyone can find a personal value in. We have seen it in the Warcraft, StarCraft, World of Warcraft and Diablo, and we see it again with Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft.

The Showdown

Cheaper to Play = Hearthstone

Better Multiplayer = League of Legends

More Popular = League of Legends

Better User Created Content = Hearthstone

Better for Livestreams/Videos = League of Legends

League of Legends received a total score of 3
Hearthstone received a total score of 2

The Result

League of Legends Wins!

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  1. If it wasn’t for the toxic community I’d probably enjoy League of Legends quite a bit. It’s got a lot going for it and can be really fun. They really just ruin it though. That said it’s not any fault of Riot, they try to control it but what can they do? People are just mean. Hearthstone on the other hand nails both gameplay and community. They limited player interaction to emotes which some people hate but it’s done wonders to prevent toxic behavior. It’s a less stressful game as a result and a better overall experience in my opinion.

    Aaddron did not rate this post.
  2. League of legends is popular Moba game, I think LoL play more then a half of world.But it also has very very toxic and salty community as Aaddron said.And Hearthstone hasnt toxic community but I think hearthstone cant be compared with League Of Legends because in hearthstone you just got your deck and play.But in lol you can invent new tactics because that is strategy game.I want to say hearthstone is not bad for people who love to playing cards,but it is boring for me I played Yu Gi Oh enough when I was kid.Simply I love more League Of Legends then Hearthstone

    TheRedLight3 did not rate this post.
  3. I want to say few words more about this topic,since I have more free time today.
    On one side we have game which is relative new,isn’t developmented enough,which has relative monotonic gameplay,on the other side there is a one of most played game ever,developmented really well,it is improving every day,has interaction with players,only problem is community,but that isn’t product of game,people are culprits ,not the game itself.
    My opinion is that LoL deserves win in this showdown.Why? You can type on YouTube “strongest deck paladin”,play the game some time,collect cards ,learn to play it,and that is that,everything has been seen already. Otherwise ,in LoL ,you have to play as team,you can’t carry game on yourself,you have to win as team,not as individuals .That is glamor of this game,to be better team not better skilled player.
    I hope you see my point.

    djolebelevode did not rate this post.
  4. LOL is best game ever for me 🙂
    I like Yasuo champion 🙂
    Sry guys my English is so bad 🙂
    Im plat 3 division 🙂
    supernatural told me about this community and I’m very like it , thank you ! 🙂
    See you soon, your Cofi 🙂

    Cofi did not rate this post.
  5. I think that LoL is better then other mobas and if you like mobas you should try LoL
    But if you like cards and like competition play HearthStone

    Marko did not rate this post.