We all used to wait eagerly for our summer holidays in our childhood to spend time with our family and friends, and the Carrom board was one of our most favorite items. Pocketing and covering the Queen was the main objective of all the players, and it was filled with so much fun and excitement. It was not only the players playing who enjoyed the game but their family and friends watching the game and waiting for their turn also shared with the players strategies and tips to pocket the Queen. Nothing much changes when you play Carrom online. In fact, it is more convenient and enjoyable to play online as you don’t have to worry about collecting the pocketed pucks and keeping the score, nor do you hurt your finger while playing online.

The Basics of Online Carrom

The board in the online game is the same as we played on during our childhood. It has 4 pockets at the 4 corners. There are 18 carrom men (9 black and 9 white) and a red Queen. A striker is used to hit and move carom men into the pockets. It can be a single player or multiplayer game. Familiarize yourself with the symbols and points to give your best and win in an online Carrom game.


The chance to pocket your pucks (black or white) when it is your turn is called a strike and using the striker to strike/hit pucks is striking. Have a clear strategy and aim at your carom men without making any foul, or any chance of pocketing your opponent’s carom men. Be sure of the angle and the power that you are using and the effect it may have on the carom man you’re aiming at.

Pocketing the Queen

Just like it’s in a physical board game, pocketing the Queen holds great excitement while you play carom online. Pocketing the Queen is not easy as it has to be covered by pocketing a carom man immediately after it.

To win, you have to pocket all your Carrom men as well as the Queen. You should not pocket your last Carrom man before the Queen because you need one Carrom man to cover the Queen. The winner gets points equal to the number of the opponent’s Carrom men left on the board plus the points of the Queen if the winner has pocketed it.


If a player violates any of the rules of the game or gets the striker in the pocket, they have to pay a penalty and their turn ends. It’s disheartening to make a foul when you’re enjoying your game. It could even cost you the match. Here are some situations in which a foul takes place:

  • If the striker is pocketed.
  • If a player pockets a Carrom men of their opponent.
  • If a player pockets their last Carrom man before the Queen.
  • If a player pockets the last Carrom man of the opponent.
  • If a Carrom man is touched by the striker while it is being positioned.

Always Play till the End of the Game

Always keep playing until the game is over, even if you are losing. That’s true sportsmanship. Leaving a game midway because you’re losing is not a true player’s attitude.

So now that you know how to play carom online, download a great carom app and start playing. You can be the next champion on the platform.