Virtual world reporters from GameOgre recently forged our way into the world of Luvinia Online to take part in the wedding of GMs Mokobonbon and Refresh; so we now well know that the LO developers and GMs are wise to the world of player interaction and big events. A recent milestone for Luvinia is the unveiling and release of a new, smashingly beautiful instanced dungeon called Abbes and to kick that off they’re going the opposite direction of ritual and marriage and into the depths of warfare.

To celebrate the release of the Abbes Dungeon, Luvinia invited players during last week April to engage in a massive PvP event where they were asked to kill the most powerful GM in the game: GM_Billy.

As part of the event and the Abbes release, Outspark raised the level cap to level 87. The Abbes Dungeon is a massive PvP zone instance available for players of level 80 and above that calls for colossal PvP engagements.

“Abbes has incredibly cool graphics and a killer soundtrack to accompany the attacks of unrelenting bosses and mobs – our players will be impressed with how hard they’re going to have to fight,” smiles Philip Yun, CEO, Outspark. “Kudos to our developers, Simo and Shanda Games, for rewarding Luvinia’s highest level players with such challenging content.”

Abbes introduces more than just a PvP zone for players to pit themselves against one another but also several bosses, quests, and a multitude of reasons to venture into Abbes—especially for those looking to bring down the big final boss himself, Shin.

For the event, players spent a week pitting themselves against GM_Billy (who had been split into two incarnations to allow faction fighting) and one another in a no-holds-barred engagement of PvP glory. Those who participated found themselves rewarded handsomely when they dropped Billy’s incarnation—described as “treasure chests in his pockets”—and also enjoyed themselves through deaths and victory.

As a game publisher, Outspark has been looking to running events to act as a celebratory opener for their new content. By making sure that they engage the public and their players by through in a human element (especially with GM_Billy being the whipping-post of this event) they engage their fanbase in a way rarely seen in MMO games recently who are commonly willing to be staid and standoffish.

Those who got into the event walked away not just with treasures untold—new weapons, armor, items, gold etc.—but they also walked away with stories about how they fought the GM of a game and potentially won (or died and resurrected over and over.) In many ways, after years pass and those virtual items are either sold to a vendor for trash or they fade away languishing in a forgotten character; the stories of fighting in a massive PvP event and going pixel-to-pixel with an MMO GM will be retold.

Keep an eye on GameOgre for further coverage of other in-game events and the cultural impact that they have.

We expect to see more similar to this from Luvinia Online and other Outspark titles.


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