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Magic World Online is a free MMORPG that bills itself as a “New Concept MMORPG”. The reason for this proclamation is that MWO offers quite a few features that are not in other MMOs like an in-game bot system video chat weapons that grow with players and the ability to raise mounts. Although video chat and the other features are nice the really innovative feature here is the in-game bot system. Quite possibly the biggest complaint with MMOs is that these type of games always have too much grinding. Bots take care of this problem by grinding for you when you are away from your PC or just away from the game. This is innovative because other games may have bots but they are considering cheating and against the terms of service of the games. Having an official bot system frees players from grinding and allows them to focus on the more interesting aspects of the game. Magic World Online is definitely a game that should be tried by anybody looking for a fun MMO that lacks grinding.

Key Features

  • Free to play.
  • Video chat.
  • In-game bot system to deal with grinding.
  • Players can design and build their own houses.
  • Growing weapons.
  • Navigation system for easy traveling.
  • Multiple class transfers.
  • Raise your mount.
  • Seven living skills.
  • In-game marriages.
  • Download is 2.28GB.

Select Reviews (Edited for Presentation)

Author: Acacia
Rating: 8
Comment: It’s been a while since I’ve played a game that doesn’t bore me after two weeks of point and click. I know there are many gamers who feel the same as I do. Magic World Online has been able to keep my attention since the start of closed beta II. The main reason for this is the legal bot system that allows players to leave the grinding to the game.

To keep my review fair I’m going to address some concerns I have encountered during my time playing. First off though there are pop-up help windows every few levels the game is not very ‘newbie friendly’. Many players ask questions in Country chat that should have or have been answered via the pop-ups or other quests. The game would really benefit if it advertised its many features to new players such as the auction house guild wars state wars video chat etc..

Some people might also be turned off by the botting system seeing it as unfair. The botting system turns what could be a grindfest into casual hands-free gaming. I leveled up to 25 manually thinking I didn’t have to use the bot but after that the leveling curve got steeper. I left my bot on overnight and finally understood the value of it. The botting system is not perfect and is not intended to be. As I get into the higher levels I find myself in need of party members therefore I must communicate with other players.

Another plus for this game is the community. While there are a few bad apples in the bunch most players are very willing to help new players out.

Author: Vaultar
Rating: 9
Comment: Let me start off by saying this game is great! The main attraction going for this game would have to be the in-game bot system. As long as you have the game opened and the bot properly set up you can be sure that your character is gaining experience while you are keeping yourself occupied with other things. You can even leave the game on while sleeping and still level. However the botting system by itself is not what make this a fun and addictive game. For me its also about loot collection and in terms of loot this game more than delivers.

Mobs can drop completely random stat-enhanced weapons and armor which are color coded into blue (uncommon) gold (rare) dark-gold (very rare) and green (legend). You can also find special stones that you can insert into weapons and armor with a socket in it (yes mobs can drop armor/weapons with a socket too!). The higher level the stone the better the stat of the stone is.

As well as that the mobs drop different treasure maps relative to your level and if u collect 3 u will be given coordinates which you can follow to locate the treasure and find stat enhanced weapons or armor. There are also different levels of pandora boxes that can be found and when opened with a key (purchased from grocery merchant). Besides the chance of getting a stat enhanced weapon or armor you also have a chance of getting a set of magic stones (the higher level the pandora box is the more magic stones you might get from it). If you collect 50 of these you can trade these off for a legendary ring with HUGE stat boosts that really help with training. With such a great looting system there is always that tendency to check up on your bot just to see what it picked up while you were away.

Personally the botting system and the loot system are enough to keep me interested in the game but the game offers some of the other more noteworthy features such as growing weapon which you can get from a level 20 quest and which can be really customized as you level it up and upgrade it; video chatting; auction house; MANY quests and random guild quests which when accomplished does not only give you guild resources to donate and to improve your guild but will also improve one of your base stats permanently; class transfer that allows you to get better skills when you reach certain level i.e at level 15 30 50 65 giving u incentive to continue playing this game; and the navigation system which allows you to navigate around the world simply by clicking on the expanded map making it easier to move from point A to point B or finding your way to an NPC.

That’s of course not to say that this game doesn’t have its downsides. For one there is almost no ambient sounds such as wind howling birds chirping and other such sounds that could add to the atmosphere as well as having only one looping music which quickly gets repetitive.

Since you can advertise your items in chat the auction mall feels pointless. It is much quicker to literally show your item thru chat by holding shift and right clicking on an item and pressing enter than to set up an item in auction mall.

The graphics even though 2D are simply great! Very sharp and VERY detailed. Some of the best 2D graphics I have ever seen in any 2D MMO. Unfortunately the downside to the great graphics is that the animation of you and the mobs moving and battle animations are rather choppy. While that put me off when i first started I found the game all too absorbing soon after and it became easy to oversee the choppy character/mob animations until I simply didn’t care.

This is the first free MMO game I have seen in which the GM is actually active and friendly! He either trains or sits on his pet in the town and helps to answer any questions that people may have. Another thing is that the GM can actually ban people from the game for poor behavior (one person got banned for swearing in country chat excessively). This definitely helps with the already great community in the game.

I have tried quiet a number of MMO games before this one including Last Chaos Tales of Pirates Dream of Mirror and Perfect World but all those f2p games were either too heavy on grinding had a lack of quests had boring mob drops and the usual scammer bot problems and players illegally botting. Hopefully it’s easy to see how MWO solves all those problems as well as adding some features never before seen in other free mmo games out there. Having said all this I find it easy to see myself playing this game for a long time to come.

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Pricing Model

Magic World Online is free to play.

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  1. Lol in-game marriages are also found on this game. This memoryg is one of the few with a sense of its own creativity. It’s not half bad playing it, however, the game has a great skill system and I’d rate this game a 8/10.

    ugmsrocks09 did not rate this post.
  2. Almost another average MMORPG for me. Nothing special, it isnt bad either. Its just the type of MMORPG that is playable but due to many games of these types of games.
    Although, i liked it. Its fun going on another adventure again <3
    Thumbs uppy~

    Mayonnaise did not rate this post.
  3. Seems like an alright MMO; not too impressed with it since it’s isometric 2D and the animations can look a bit clunky. Features like in-game video chat system and automation / robot system seem pretty cool, but just unnecessary. Video chat system could be convenient, but there are already other (and better) means of connecting with players outside of the game itself. And personally, I feel like grind in an MMO is meaningless if in-game automation already takes care of that for the player. Overall, I’d rate the game a 3/5.

    SnowyAE did not rate this post.