Since starting a blog at BladeOgre early this year, have been thinking more and more about the sharp and pointy. The only problem with that is that Ogres are usually carrying big blunt weapons like spiked clubs! Well, going to meet in the middle because planning to create a fantasy sword that will work a little like a club. Yes, it would probably work better in MMORPGs like AdventureQuest 3D or RuneScape than in real life. In real life, you would probably be better off going somewhere like than making this sword and using in actual combat. However, it will be great fun thinking up a fantasy ogre club sword!

For starters, the featured image is a knife (named the Artisan Cobra) that I received this week that fueled some of the inspiration for making this fantasy sword. Basically the club sword would have two of those modified tanto blades back to back. Pretty sure that has not been done before as most swords are either straight or have a recurve. This sword would have the two edges on the side to form like the base of the “club” and then the real armor piercing tips at the end.

Nevertheless, that would not be all as there would be a third straight blade sticking right in between the two modified tantos. Thus, this could also be called a hydra sword if it is ever made in a game or real life. Of course all three blades would need to be welded together to form one incredibly nasty looking weapon! The last piece would be the handle, which would be key to making the sword as much as combining the three blades. Due to the Ogre theme of the design, the handle can be very rough but still strong enough to handle the composite blade with ease.

All that said, what could this sword actually do? Well, due to the tri-points it would do a considerable amount of stabbing damage. Without getting gory, it would make a big mess out of any flesh and blood creature. Besides entering at three different places on a target, it could also be twisted to cause even more damage. Furthermore, the two tanto sides where the blades bend could be used like a spiked club. This would likely be an over-the- head driving down motion like you would do with a blunt instrument. The main difference would be, naturally, that it would be a hard edged blade instead.

Anyway, that is just a sword that will likely stay in the imagination or possibly the Ogre Adventures game. A real world model would need to combine the three blades well on a very strong handle. All the materials from the blade to the handle should be as light and strong as possible for the sword to do more than just look dangerous. Picking up this sword and wield it with any kind of speed and accuracy would likely depend on both the weight of the sword and the strength of the one attempting to wield it!


  1. The concept of the hydra sword is very nice, something like that could do good damage and also ensure agility.
    I’m only wondering if the handle would be able to balance these well, it would require initial practice to get skilled with this sword

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  2. That Artisan Cobra kind of reminds me of a kukri just from the angle of the blade. When it comes to swords, I think there are thousands of ideas out there. Ogre’s aren’t really known for wielding swords, but I’d imagine that if they did wield swords, it would be a sword with serrated blades, since those kind of swords tend to look spiky (a little similar to how clubs are spiky).

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