Mayan Death Robots is a recently released 2D action game that is similar to a previous game known as Worms and its many sequels. As you can probably tell from the title, the game does not take itself seriously. In fact, the humor and wackiness lends itself well to the game. From the start the game keeps a very fast pace and really doesnt slow down. If anything, the games gets more intense as it goes as can be seen in the video below. There is aiming and turns involved, but it feels like a real time game mostly. Whether your opponent is trying to attack you, little Spanish aliens try to kill you, or a huge monsters suddenly attack from nowhere, you have to be constantly moving and taking action.

The new wrinkle introduced in this game is the variety of the robots and the ability to build during a turn. The ten robots that you can play all have different weapons from each other. For example, one robot uses drills while another uses grenades. Building allows for the ability to play defense. You can protect your core further while your opponent may be fully concentrated on offense. That makes it easier to take out their core while you slow down the attacks on yours.

The downside is the disappointment over the multiplayer mode being axed. Although the single player and local co-op modes are very fun, a solid multiplayer mode could have made this game a classic. I can see why it would be hard to pull off with all the chaos sometimes, but imagine that in a competitive environment. I think it could lead to some epic battles with other players from around the world. If Mayan Death Robots ever has a sequel, that should definitely be looked into. Still, the original is a must even without that.

Key Features:

  • Single player mode.
  • Multi-player mode was shelved.
  • Local Co-Op mode.
  • Retails at $14.99 on Steam.
  • 10 possible robots to play.
  • Steam trading cards.
  • Supports game controllers and the keyboard.
  • Each robot has unique abilities.
  • 2D graphics.
  • Destroy your opponents core.
  • Can build to protect yourself and your core.
  • Can choose to jump in order to move.
  • Different weapons appear during the games.
  • Epic monsters appear during some games and maps.


  1. Fun to play solo or co-op.
  2. Big variety in maps and robots.
  3. Evolves the gameplay from Worms.
  4. Using artillery has never been more fun in a 2D world.
  5. Simple to pick up and start playing.
  6. Very fast paced.
  7. The building adds an interesting wrinkle.


  1. ย Depends on coop too much.
  2. Multi-player was canceled.
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  1. It reminds me on pocket tanks more, but ofc better graphic and sound. Game is not that hard to play but its rly interesting. What i like the most is, so many different weapons and ability to build world while u play game

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  2. I love the hilarious animations on this game. A ton of death and destruction by these little tactical mayan characters. Pretty fun addicting game on steam, definitely recommend.

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  3. Mayan Death Robots is a really great 2D action game, and it does remind me of Worms, but with less juvenile graphics, more humor, and a somewhat unique gameplay. Being able to play on single player or local multiplayer is nice, and the game is cheap for $6.99 which I think is a very fair price for a game that would offer hours of enjoyment. Overall, I would rate this game a 4.25/5.

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  4. The game itself sounds rather weird but its actually quite an entertaining game. The game play is simple yet solid and its quite fun to play with your buds, if you have any. The graphics are alright but that doesn’t matter that much for a game like this. I rate it 4/5.

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