Special Bubble shooter game: shoot at the rotating bubbles. Get a group of 3 or more connected bubbles to remove them. Click/tap on the shooter to change the color.

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  1. Rly good game, its almost like every single bubble shooting game, but with one big difference, bubbles dont come to you they just spin around and also u have to clear them all to get golden item, after every 3 bubbles few more show on pile. I played game a lot, and i rly enjoyed it

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  2. Mayan Marbles is one of the most unique bubble shooters I have played. It’s brilliant how the game is set up, because there are bubbles rotating on a yellow orb and the player has to aim at the center on the rotating piece and also have to time when to shoot a bubble. The game does feel quite easy though, especially when understanding what to do; I was able to clear three of the levels pretty quickly. Overall, I would rate this game a 4.5/5.

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