A bonus for multiplayer mode and hint for when playing this game on Xbox Live.

Completion Bonuses:
Successfully complete the game to unlock Ragnarok in local multi-player mode.

Successfully complete the game under any difficult setting to unlock a mech called Ymir.

Tips: The Ragnarok mech is a perfect blend of armor firepower and heat design as long you do not use the lava gun constantly. The Ymir has greater firepower than the regular chassis of Ragnarok. However it generates a great deal more heat making it a good choice for advanced players for to make short work of their opposition.

Avoid PPC Projectile:
To easily avoid a PPC projectile when playing on Xbox Live choose a mech that has jump jets. While the enemy is charging up their PPC activate your jump jets. Once they fire release the jump jets and the PPC will fly over you as you fall to the ground. This can be very effective against Mad Cats.

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  1. I remember playing this game , the war gameplay was really fun you need to have a good flexibility to dodge those projectiles, it also comes with multiplayer where you play very wisely to win.

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