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    Great survival game, the horror here is real. The game is still enjoyable and the community is awesome but it’s not indicated for children because of it’s in-game violence.

  • Sonic games are so nostalgic. Today sonic games are used on speedruns because of the amount of glitches we can find in this games and because of its popularity. If you have time for funny games, you need this one.

  • Street fighter games are always awesome. This one has amazing graphics compared to the first sf games and the envitronment interaction is amazing too. If you are looking for a good fighting game, take this one!

  • The key here is finding the patterns. Of course you need good eyes to notice them. The game difficulty increases as you advance to the next levels, recommended! I like this game so much.

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    Simple game we can play on gameogre forums, you only need to stay safe till the very end of the phase. Also you can increase your score defeating your enemies. Nice one.

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    Easy game that should be continued. The main function here is to climb and get the key tha unlucks the door and the end of the phase. The game is so simple and you can finish it in less than 1 minute.

  • Another game we can play on gameogre forums. This one is a simple game based on how faster you are pressing the right key to improve your char’s speed.

  • Awesome game we can play on gameogre forums. The pule here is to hit the center of the target to get a great jump running against the computer. Timing here is the key!

  • The game is awesome but it’s so scary lol This survival horror game makes you feel like they are almost real! If you are looking for a funny horror game, this one is for you!

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    POKEMON GO is the revolutionary mobile game that made all the world get out of the house to hunt pokemons everywhere 3D based. The environment interaction here is awesome and playing with friends is amazing. They are everywhere, at home, at the college, on grandpa’s house, even in the bathroom lol. It’s an online game you can play using your…[Read more]

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    Considered the father of the strategy games, being reference to the classic ones this game is a complete adventure on the history hearts when talking about the old wards. 3/5

  • In my opinion this one is the best strategy game os all times. The game provides an imersive adventure through the mythological portals, playing the campaign mode or the online mode. Perfect game! 5/5

  • A great and well known strategy game based on a historic view about the medieval wars, considered the best game of the age of empires series. Recommended if you wanna try something different. 4/5

  • Amazing and simple defender game where the main activity here is defending your base from being attacked by the mobs. It’s a 3D game so the experience here is awesome!

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    The online game Drakensang is an amazing browser game based on a MMORPG perpective for low spec PCs. The poit here is that you need a good internet to play because the ping can be different depending on where you are. It’s a browser game and the advenure here is epic. You gotta choose between the classes and thats enough to start playing. The PvP…[Read more]

  • Orcs must die is an amazing strategy game where you have to defend yourself and the portals or doors to get invaded by the orcs. Play this game with friends because it’s so funny. The game is unique and the gameplay is epic. You can find this game on steam! Its not a heavy game and can be played on low spec PCs.

  • CS-GO as it’s called is a FPS game based on the Counter Strike series. They made a lot of improvements in this game compared to Counter Strike 1.6 but the maps and weapons are almost the same. Play this game with friends and join a ranked competition that can make you become a pro player. Still one of the best 2018 played games and watched games on twitch!

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    DOTA 2 is the second game of the DOTA series that made a new look to the MOBA games we actually have. Still one of the top games on twitch streams the game is a great adventure on an arena where you can fight players as good as you based on a ranked queue (if you wanna play ranked games). The DOTA championships are awesome. Either the gameplay.…[Read more]

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    DOTA is the father, or mother, of the new MOBA style games that we are used to watch on streams. The game is so good, the graphics are not that good but the gameplay is epic. If you are looking for a good strategy game to play with friends, I recommend you this one!

  • League of Legends is the one and only RIOT game that has become the number one MOBA game on twitch, azubu and youtube. The experience here is unique, they put and RPG game style with a strategy game style. The graphics are pretty good and we have more than 3 maps to play (there are seasonal maps too). The game has more than 100champions (the…[Read more]

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