• SulzYee wrote a new post, Zatikon Review 8 years ago

    Zatikon is a free turn based multiplayer tactics game featuring over 30 unique units with over 80 additional units available in add-on packs. Build your army and defeat your opponent. With an almost unlimited […]

    • Milos replied 8 years ago

      Solid game, not bad, I like it.

    • I don’t like this game,i played it on android,my friend has it on his phone

    • Game looks pretty solid strategy game which is fun to play…Overall graphics are good and recommend this game

    • This is awesome free to play strategy video game I enjoyed playing it,I suggest it everybody

    • This is an solid strategy game and it can be enjoyable when u playing it sometimes.I recommend this game to players who like this kind of games.I’ll give 3/5 to this game.

    • Solid game but nothing special, played worse but also better games, 3/5 from me

    • It gots a not so appealing graphics. A strategy game with a decent gameplay and gots many units to add on your disposal. The addons cost but the game is free overall so it is still a game worth trying. The but for me its plain and slugg ish in the feely~

    • Nope. Wont play this as turn based games really turn me off. I like the real time action packed games thats why MOBAs are a big thing for me.

    • Decent strategic old game I like playing these kind of games to kill time.

    • The graphics are outdated, the only playing value I see here is that you might have fun playing it if you enjoy strategy games but there are better ones out there now.

    • Pretty average oldish game. It could be a very nice strategy game if the graphics weren’t so nasty. It has some fun aspects of it but all of the good parts you can find in almost any other newer strategy game. The game play isn’t the worst but still you could easily find a better game. I rate it 2/5.

    • Neat strategy game, kind of reminds me of chess (especially the setting of the game), but this game does invite its own strategy that’s unlike chess (since you’re playing with your own spells and abilities). Game dates all the way back to 2008, but the graphics makes the game look older, so not the best graphics, even for 2008. But I do admire Chronic Logic’s “try before you buy” model, so it’s nice to be able to play the demo before deciding on where to purchase a license. Overall, I’d rate the game 3.5/5; probably not the best strategy game, but not the worst either.

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    XU4 is a remake of the computer game Ultima IV. The goal is to make it easy and convenient to play this classic on modern operating systems. XU4 is primarily inspired by the much more ambitious project Exult. XU4 […]

    • Milos replied 8 years ago

      Very boring game, not interesting and very bad graphics.

    • The Game is old but it s not steel not boring for me xD

    • Outdated game which i dont like at all,there isnt one good part of this game,dont recommend it

    • Considering i’m new generation of gamers, i haven’t played this kind of games so it’s not my style i don’t like it.
      But if anyone like this kind of game try it

    • Very old school game as you can see by the subtitle text screen. If you’re into retro gaming then try this

    • The best thing about old games is they have good story lines/game plays! Unlike today, games are more on action rather than story. A little theme is all they have today.

    • Very old looking game. The game play is not very entertaining much at all but the story line is okay which can keep your interest for a limited time. The graphics are quite bad which is a major turn off and just the feeling isn’t the best. I rate this game 2/5.

    • Seems somewhat interesting; I know that Ultima IV Quest of the Avatar is a pretty old game, so it’s cool to see Ultima IV recreated into XU4; however, I don’t think it’s the kind of remake I would have ever expected since it seems like it was recreated more for cross-platform compatibility than it was for improvements like better graphics, but I guess the decision was to stay as true to the original. Like it still feels much like those games you’d find on DOS or the Apple II. I think for what the game was during its time, I’d give it a 2.5/5; it just doesn’t seem like the kind of game that’s stood the test of time.

  • World Leaders is an empire based game of strategy and thought.You can find in the game more then 400 worldwide weapons, more then 50 attacks options, improved United Nations and many options of espionage. Through […]

    • Milos replied 8 years ago

      I do not like the game, they are very bad made.

    • Don’t like game,graphic seems too simple,gameplay isn’t interesting,i gave 2 stars just because I like name of the game

    • IT is true this game is free game but I dont play it,I dont like graphic of this game

    • Strategy game where you control to your troop but graphics are terrible, not recommended

    • This is an strategy game which has really bad graphic,I wouldn’t suggest this to anyone.There is a lot of better strategy games then this one.I’ll give 2/5 to this game.

    • It’s strategy game with a really bad graphic, i don’t like it personally so i don’t recommend it.

    • the game is good and really needs strategy and teamwork.. but not that good graphic…

    • Well this game needs a lot of work. It’s not only slacking In graphics but the glitches in the game blows my mind. There is not much to do other than play in a strategy team game with simple controls. Therefore, really a stale game for me.

    • Uhmm.. The graphics are bad. It’s not appealing to me one tiny bit. It’s dull and poorly made. It’s a strategy game so you need to be focused with playing, but with this… I dont think its a good idea.. :c

      Thumbs down.

    • A strategy game like Civ 5 but a lot worse gameplay, and the controls are very buggy.

    • Pretty great concept! Espionage, country pride, multiplayer and cooperation; this game has it all! Except for a great graphics and something to keep you playing….

    • This game could be very good. It has a very cool and interesting idea and if they remade it or made a game similar to it now with the better technology it could be very entertaining. Since it’s old it has terrible graphics and the game play is lacking but I’ll give it a rating for 3/5 for a nice try.

    • World Leaders is a pretty obscure game to find, so that already gives me the impression that it probably isn’t as great when it comes to strategy games in general. But delving into the game itself, I’d say it’s okay. It’s not the best-looking game, plus the gameplay is alright. It’s not as interesting as other empire strategy games like Age of Empires, but I can admire that it’s playable. Overall, I’d give this game a 2.75/5.

  • This rare gem from early Rockstar history has now been optimized for play on modern PCs and is available on the house for all registrants to the Rockstar Games mailing list.

    Total Rating: 6.75
    Reviews: […]

    • Game is nice,for her old

    • Game isn’t hard,which is important for this type of game.
      Gameplay is pretty good,graphic is decent

    • Rly good and enjoyable old game which has interesting things in it.I would give 3/5 to this game.

    • Nice old game… not bad at all…

    • Average tank game for me. Would play it every now and then.

    • One of the first Rockstar games, i’m not sure it holds up today tho with their other classics. You basically control and you have to complete various tasks

    • The full name of this game is Wild Metal Country (while the Dreamcast port is just known as Wild Metal) and for a game that originated in 1999, this is a pretty impressive tank game, especially graphically. It’s a lot more bare-bone than other tank games like World of Tanks and Armored Warfare, especially since it is quite an old game, but it’s fun to explore around the overworld and fight other tanks. Overall, I’d give this game a 3.75/5.

  • The Silver Lining is the fan-designed ninth episode inspired by the King’s Quest series. This series is Sierra On-Line’s flagship collection of adventure games, designed by the award-winning Roberta Williams. The […]

    • Like this adventure game, the solidarity, and the graphics are not bad.

    • It old buggy puzzle game, there are several places where, if you dont do something right, u must go all over, because no way to finish game because of that. That is rly good reason for no1 play it

    • I don’t like this game,it bored me a lot,i don’t like this game type in general,but this game is very boring

    • Game is very boring with bad graphics since the game is old, Gameplay is also very boring, i dont like this game

    • Solid free to play puzzle video game which is old but gold only flaw of this game is it is has many bugs,but anyway I suggest it everybody

    • Great game.. but im bad at puzzle games xD…

    • Not a fan of this “adventure”. I need more action and chaos.

    • Pretty old puzzle/adventure game, the devs seem to have abandoned it since it’s very buggy. If you enjoy revisiting old games it wouldn’t hurt to try this one out maybe you’ll enjoy it

    • Pretty meh looking and oldish adventure game. It has very sub-par graphics and the game play isn’t the most unique and entertaining. The game is rather buggy and just isn’t the most fun game to play. It could be entertaining for a little while just for the nostalgia effect. I rate it 2/5.

    • Seeing this game, I’d guess that it would have originated in the early 2000s, but surprisingly, it came out in 2010. Graphics aren’t really as impressive though, especially since you can see the polygons of the character models, but the story, divided in five different episodes, is pretty good plus it has some voice acting (with character model animations that suit the voice acting). Puzzles seem interesting, though you won’t see a lot of puzzles until you get to episode 3. Overall, it’s a cool adventure game and I’d give it a 3.75/5.

  • A 3D FPS where your goal is to get out of The Crypt ALIVE!

    Total Rating: 6.40
    Reviews: 5

    Review Archive

    Post Date: 00:24 24-07-2015
    Rating: 7
    Author: SulzYee
    Comment: This is pretty good […]

    • I didn’t like it,it simple graphic, gameplay isn’t that good.Only good side is that it is free

    • A boring game and the graphics are very bad, I do not like.

    • This game looks rly old, and before, we didnt have technology like we do now, this was rly good for its time. Ive tried this game for rly short period of time, but i wasnt satisfied with it, only running and shooting.

    • Story:Six young criminals break into hidden catacombs and attempt to steal jewels, but some inhabitants are guarding the precious belongings. After being trapped in this dark maze of crypts, the group tries to escape alive.
      Gameplay:I think game is made from 2009 but it look like from 90s so I give 2 stars for it,graphic very bad but it is 3d

    • This is an solid game,who has solid gameplay and bad graphic.Not so good game and that’s reason why I’m not going to suggest this game.I’ll give 2/5 to this game.

    • Kinda nice during its time but not this 2017. Still gonna rate it at 3 because it has solid gameplay.

    • 2/5 – This a 3D FPS game, if you enjoy FPS’s and just want to improve your shooting skills or accuracy then I’d give this game a try it’s okay. You have to escape killing as many enemies as possible.

    • This is rather quite bad for a 3D FPS game. It is not very entertaining at all the the graphics feel incredibly old and that’s a major turn off. You can very easily find a far better game like this one that is actually worth your time. Ima give this a rating of 1/5.

    • Pretty cool FPS, very reminiscent of other FPS in the mid to late 90s and early 2000s. I think it would have been a lot of fun, if you played this game when it actually came out, but FPS have drastically evolved over the years, and this game just wouldn’t cut it today. But even for its time, it doesn’t look like a game that could compete with other games like Doom, Wolfenstein, and Quake. But overall, The Crypt feels average, so I’d probably rate this game a 3/5.

  • Super Crate Box is coming to bring back the glory of the golden arcade age, when all that really mattered was getting on that high score list. Grab your baseball cap and loosen your pants, it’s time to fight […]

    • Solid game, not bad, I played it.

    • Even if game is rly old, i like it, fighting green monster and collecting box, every box contain different weapon. From Katana and mines to rocket launcher, goal of game is to survive as long as u can.

    • Classic arcade game,doesn’t have anything unique ,graphic is bad. There are few different weapons ,your goal is to stay alive as long as you can

    • classical arcade game where you need to kill collecting some brown boxes you get bigger score and you get new weapon exam(shotgun,pistol,uzi…)you play on arrows and shot on y and x Y in left side and X in right side.when monster bite you you are dead.My best score is 20 ! 😛

    • Super Crate is an classic/arcade game where you need to kill monsters and survive as much as you can.Game is really interesting and it’s really worth to spend some time on it.I’ll give 8/10 to this game.

    • Not a bad game…. welp the graphic is kinda old .. but recommended lel…

    • Omg. Its cute! It feels like a mario vs donkey kong boss level game. But instead, it has the infinite defense setting.

      Thumbs uppy~

    • Super Crate Box is a fantastic arcade platformer and shooter game, and is very reminiscent of a lot of old arcade games because of the pixel graphics and the classic sound effects, but the game also feels fresh. This game reminds me a bit of both Donkey Kong and Mario Bros. for arcade, but with shooting as the gameplay component. Overall, I would rate this game a 4/5.

    • The game is adorable with the nostalgic graphics. The effects as well. Like i went to a time machine and play gameys from the old times. It’s got a newer feel tho. The endless game setting is a very fun layout of the game. It’s challenging and also fun!

      Thumbs uppy~
      Im gonna raise the rate to 3.5/5

    • This is a fun retro game! Did not expect it actually. Try it out mates.

    • This game is pretty good and has similar elements from super mario games. Great arcade game to pass time.

    • This game is a pure stroke of genius, it combines some elements from old mario bros and bubbe bobble with shmup-like random weapon swaps and easy to understand but hard to achieve objectives. Tight controls and hectic gameplay, a must have in my opinion.

    • Not the worst for an older game. While the graphics are nasty and just outdated the game play almost makes up for it. It has rather unique game play which can be entertaining for a time. The overall quality of the game isn’t the best but it’s not the worst. I rate it 3/5.

  • As every Sonic game, also this one is good too for me… Recommend to try it out 🙂

  • Very old game with bad graphics but gameplay is good. I dont like it much but recommend to try it 🙂

  • Game is soooo boring… Graphic are also bad. I don’t recommend this to try… :/

  • For me this game is not that good, it becomes boring quickly… but try it out 🙂

  • Ship war… Game is bad for me :/

  • Nothing special, It is a little bit fun 🙂

  • Stranded II is the sequel to Stranded, a game based on you getting stranded on a remote island, then trying to survive with what you can find on the island. This sequel adds many more items and graphics and […]

    • It reminds me of minecraft,it has good graphic,pretty good gameplay,so I was enjoying when I was playing it

    • Milos replied 8 years ago

      I do not like the game, the graphics are very poor.

    • Story:Stranded II is an adventure game, where players assume the role of a man stranded on a mysterious island after your yacht crashes in a storm. Dizzy and disorientated, your goal is to survive long enough to find your way off..
      Gameplay:I think this game is made from 2008 but as losmiK said graphic is very poor.

      stars: 3/5

    • Stranded II Is an good game,which has pretty good gameplay and not good but not bad graphic at all.I’m going to give 4/5 to this game only ’cause of gameplay.Interesting game.

    • Good adventure game,graphic is solid but better than some games this kind.
      I would recommend it, worth spending time on.

    • Ahh stranded 2, is an adventure game with a goal on survival. This game has five island with different story lines to offer. So far the cons of this game is basically the bugs and glitches as well as the bad graphics. However, I can assure you that the gameplay is not half bad and it’s pretty fun to play.

    • As the game title says “Stranded” .
      Basically it is a game of survival. With fun story lines. Not particularly good but still not that bad. It’s worth a try.

      Thumbs uppy~

    • Decent game, you’re pretty much stranded on random islands and you have to survive there are also monkeys and other animals the roam around when you’re on an island.

    • Stranded II is a neat action-adventure survival game. I really like the 3D in this game, as the player can explore around and pretty much have fun. The cutscene at the beginning of the game adds a bit of story to start off this game, which is captivating to the game itself. The game’s graphics is above average, even as a game released in 2007. The great thing about this game is that it is free-to-play, especially for low-spec computers. Overall, I would rate this game a 4/5.

    • I love survival games! And this one does not disappoint! The concept is very good, having to search for items and escape the island. The downside is, a third version is kinda needed to improve graphics and what not.

    • Pretty nice survival game. It has a very nice concept and it improves on the original game which is always a good game. The graphics are majorly lacking and so is the game play but the game has potential which helps with it’s rating. I’ll rate it 3/5.

  • Your mission is to investigate rumors of an attack by the Wymacet Horde on one of our glactic exploration stations. Be careful because the Wymacet Horde always travels in large numbers and Red Giant sun in this […]

    • Game is soooo boring… Graphic are also bad. I don’t recommend this to try… :/

    • This is a 3D, third-person space game in which your mission is to investigate rumors of an attack by the Wymacet Horde on one of our galactic exploration stations. Be careful, because the Wymacet Horde always travels in large numbers and Red Giant sun in this region makes their ships difficult to see…Try this game even though its a little boring…

    • Game is very old and graphic could be bit better.


    • I wasn’t enjoying while I was playing it,too boring,graphic awful,I would give 0 stars if it possible. Don’t play it

    • Really horrible for a game at this point. The graphics are horrid with 1inch pixles, the gameplay is also horrid. However, one thing I’ve found interesting was that the game has a multiple account of maps. This game has basic mechanics with not much else to do than driving your space fighter.

    • It’s somewhat an eyesore.. The graphics – dull. Same with the gameplay. It’s been so low quality :3 i dislikey

      Thumbs down

    • Um, this game is bad. Graphics, controls and content. Many similars games which are way better!

    • Wouldn’t recommend this game. These are some of the worst graphics in a game i’ve come across playing. Gameplay does not compensate, very dull

    • Really boring and low quality game. It feels very lacking in game play and the graphics are just absolutely nasty the only plus about it is it’s a space game and that’s barely even a plus. I would not recommend this game to anyone due to it just being very bad. I rate it 1/5.

    • Another game developed by OTS Software, the developers responsible for Dr. Green, Class Action Killers, RC Spider Hunt, etc. Like those other games, Space Fighter X11 shares the same interface since it includes the Lives, Energy, and Score text, so nothing different there. Graphics itself isn’t the best, especially with very old-school textured graphics. Gameplay is okay; probably not the best when you compare this game to other sci-fi games where you navigate a ship, and I think the ship in this game is confined to only travel in one direction (though you can ascend and descend), so it doesn’t really take advantage of 3D. Plus there’s not a whole lot of objectives in this game since you’re mostly just destroying other ships. Overall, I’d rate this game a 2.65/5.

  • Play sonic the hedgehog games online. Many games to choose from and no registration required. Just simply play free!

    Total Rating: 8.21
    Reviews: 14

    Review Archive

    Post Date: 18:10 […]

    • I love SONIC games, I always feel relaxed when I play, is a fun, interesting…

    • As every Sonic game, also this one is good too for me… Recommend to try it out 🙂

    • Very good game, sonic is very cool character….You should check this game out….Its amazing for a reason :3

    • Sonic is one of few characters which made my childhood.Simply you must love Sonic.This game reminds me on all old sonic games,and it has very good gameplay,graphic totally okay.
      My full recommendation

    • Sonic games are cool I recommend them everybody,I played many of them on my PC and mobile phone

    • I haven’t really tried Sonic games before, not big fan of it though..
      It looks retro and nice..
      Try it if you have free time.

    • Nice fast easy games. Can bring back memories for the retro squad out there.

    • Decent game especially if you follow Sonic the hedgehog series.

    • Sonic games are so nostalgic. Today sonic games are used on speedruns because of the amount of glitches we can find in this games and because of its popularity. If you have time for funny games, you need this one.

    • Sonic games are a total classic. They may not be that good in my opinion but they are a classic which is a nice plus. The arcade-like game play can be very entertaining and the cute graphics compliment it quite a bit. I would suggest this to anyone who is a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog. I rate it 4/5.

    • Most of the reviews here are about Sonic games made by SEGA themselves, but the thumbnail seems to indicate that there’s some sort of website (most likely not even owned or operated by SEGA) where you can play Sonic games, though there’s lack of details in the description of where to even play this game (or these games) or what the game(s) are composed of (are they fan-made reinterpretations of classic Sonic games or are they just exact copycats?). Tried searching through reverse image search, but to no avail, so can’t really give a proper review. But for game originality, I’d rate it 1/5.

  • Savage combines real time strategy and first person action in one fluid game. Instead of sending mindless computer drones into battle, imagine organizing real human players on a crusade to conquer your adversary. […]

    • Milos replied 8 years ago

      It’s not much fun, but has a solid graphics, I thought that the graphics are bad, solid game.

    • This game rly reminds me on FPS/MOBA type game, more then RTS. Fighting enemies and destroying building to progress further till last and final structure to destroy. Gamepaly is fast, which i like but graphic and effects should be better for me to enjoy on it.

    • Old combat game but it is still fun.It is like mix of wow and some shooter action game

    • decent mmo which is a bit outdated but still solid

    • This is an old game but it can be pretty enjoyable sometimes,especially for those who like this type of games.I would recommend this game to everyone,try it and I also give 4/5 to this game.Solid game for me .

    • Old but gold.
      Really decent game, it’s good to us, new generation try this game.
      So i recommend it.

    • This is a solid game, which includes everything needs to be considered as an FPS. This game practically, uses some ancient weapons fighting against some diverse creatures.Not only the graphics are great but the animations are pretty neat as well. Overall, I’d have to give this game a 5/5.

    • What a great strategy game. Would love to play with other players with the same goal.

    • 3/5 – The game concept caught my interest but the graphics are too outdated for me to invest time in it

    • Rather unique oldish FPS game. I really like the idea of this game but the finish work is a bit lacking. The graphics are just not that nice to look at and the game play could be a lot better. I’m sure if they rebooted this game or made a game like this with updated game play and graphics it would do very well. I rate it 3.5/5

    • Pretty cool game; can’t tell if this is Savage Resurrection or some original Savage game since I can’t really find any gameplay videos of the original game, but Savage Resurrection is definitely nice. I really like how the game combines first-person action with real-time strategy since it’s a unique experience that strays from your typical top-down RTS games. There’s a huge emphasis on team-based gameplay. Really, the only downside is that the game’s multiplayer-only, and looking at this game in 2021, it’s pretty much dead since there aren’t people playing the game anymore. I’d rate the game a 3.89/5; would probably rate higher if there was a single-player mode or if there were more active users and updates.

  • Runesword II (RSII) is a CRPG designed to appeal to the ‘pen & paper’ role-player. RSII features turn-based, strategic combat, 50+ skills, races, and several full-length adventures & worlds. Plus a completely […]

    • I do not like this game, it’s very boring.

    • Very old game with bad graphics but gameplay is good. I dont like it much but recommend to try it 🙂

    • This is older free to play RPG video game,it has interesting gameplay with much action,I suggest this game everybody

    • Pretty solid RPG game but it can be enjoyable,game isn’t so good but it’s solid (atleast for me).As I said I think playing this game can still be enjoyable if you like older RPG games like this one.I give 3/5 to this game.

    • The best thing about this game is the amount of skills available but I dont like the graphics.

    • 2/5 – This game kinda reminds me of preinstalled games you used to play on your windows xp. wouldn’t recommend as it’s hard finding any enjoyment with these older PC games because new ones are easily accessible.

    • Old game which automatically makes it far less appealing now-adays. Though even old games can still be fairly good sometimes but this one isn’t the greatest. It’s graphics are pretty crappy and the game play is just not my cup of tea. I would have to rate it 2/5.

    • Pretty cool game, very reminiscent of some old-school RPGs. Game is kind of obscure though since you’ll only find this game on SourceForge, but it’s a free game, so that’s nice. Personally not a huge fan of this game since the game has very old graphics and an isometric overworld, but the description for the game sounds pretty nice, especially the part about 50+ skills and 12+ races. It’s far from the best RPG though, and doesn’t live up to the RPGs of today. I’d rate the game 3/5.

  • Free retro-styled multiplayer shooter that can be played for free.

    Total Rating: 6.88
    Reviews: 8

    Review Archive

    Post Date: 21:07 12-06-2012
    Rating: 8
    Author: Thedarkboy
    Comment: At first […]

    • Milos replied 8 years ago

      An interesting game just as graphics really bad.
      I like.

    • Graphic on side, game is good. As any mmorpg game u need to gain experience to lvl up, killing things around you and doing quests are giving you experience. Game play is fluid and action is constant, one of things that makes this game unique is that you are now allowed to die, if u die once thats it.

    • Interesting game with good concept worth playing, even though graphics are bad…

    • Realm of the Mad God is great arcade video game.but you will fast get bored,try it anyway

    • Good game, it’s interesting, graphic are bad to be honest but it’s okay.
      I recommend it if you have free time to spent on games..

    • This is one of the fews games that are decent to play. The art style is wonderful, the battles are chaotic, and the community is great. Furthermore, this game is also free on Knogregate. There is no reason not to check out this game really.

    • subeJ replied 6 years ago

      Really chaotic game in a fun way. But the graphics is really bad lol. Might need a newer version for me to play on the regular.

    • What’s good about this game is that it’s free and pay to win and can run at good fps even on a bad computer. The game is a bit repetitive tho which is why this is a game you only want to play to pass time

    • Amazing limited game for those who are free players, if you wanna be a good player in this game, you have to pay but it’1s not worth since it’s a small game with less than 300 players.

    • For a retro styled game this game has actually decent graphics. Though it is very pixelated it is still quite cute and doesn’t really hurt your eyes. Unfortunately this game is not popular at all so it’s rather boring to play by yourself. It could be decent but due to lack of content/players it’s a bit meh. I rate it 3/5.

    • RotMG is quite amazing, probably the first MMO shooter game I’ve seen with a very retro theme. And it’s not your typical shooter game like a third-person shooter or a first-person shooter at all; what makes this game really unique is how well it combines the multiplayer experience with a bullet hell-like shooter gameplay. And the pixel graphics is just amazing; very simple, but also clean colors. Only thing kind of a bit weird is the camera; instead of the player being the camera, the world instead is the camera, so it’s a bit weird rotating the world, but that takes a bit of getting used to. Overall, I’d rate this game a 4.85/5; it’s a unique retro game.

  • Your house is teaming with spiders. You have to send in your remote control car to exterminate them. There are three extra batteries hidden in the house to give you the energy you will need to complete your […]

    • Milos replied 8 years ago

      I do not know what’s up this game, boring, I do not like it.

    • Very simple game,it is okay for playing when you are bored,but you won’t play it for long

    • Game is very good and simple…Graphics are old but the game is funny….You kill spiders with this car….Recommend this game because its very funny at least to me 🙂

    • old boring game,I dont like it .and I dont know how to play it

    • This is an really old/simple game where you have to determite spiders.Game isn’t bad but it isn’t good at all,after some time you get bored by it.I’ll give 2/5 to this game.

    • Fun game, nothing special, but it’s fun to play.
      Graphic solid, easy to play.
      I recommend it.

    • the game is good… but the graphics is kinda low… but overall the game is great and fun…

    • subeJ replied 6 years ago

      This is a very simple and yet very fun game! Love the idea of searching for gas and driving carefully not to hit corners.

    • Lol the picture here kind of reminded me of a mission from a stuart little game on the PS1. This game is pretty old tho so unless you want to revisit retro games I wouldn’t recommend it

    • Simple game. It is very average and the game play is lacking but it is rather clever. I’m glad that the graphics suck because I am very very scared of spiders and if it was half decent I would hate this game. The game is rather entertaining and kind of funny. I rate it 4/5.

    • RC Spider Hunter’s a cool game. It’s almost like driving a small toy car in a living room of spiders, at least that’s how I would describe it. The AI for the spiders can be awful at times, where spiders are just terrible at chasing after you, but not too bad. Would be neat, if the spiders could do more than just chase after you, like jump towards you or climb webs up and down. Gameplay is just too simple as the game currently is. Overall, I’d give this game a 3/5.

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