• Today March 16th marked the 12th Anniversary of Everquest. While it may not have been the first MMORPG as games like Ultima Online came before it, it was one of the biggests MMORPGs during its time before the […]

  • Call of Gods is a browser based MMORTS game published by Aeria. The nice part about browser games which is a growing trend is that there are no or very small downloads compared to other online games. This makes […]

    • Very cool MMORTS video game which is browser based,it is not that popular now but it is still interesting,I suggest it everybody to try

  • GameOgre was fortunate enough to get an interview with Susan Revelt, Senior Producer of Zentia Online which is posted in its entirety here. Highlights include discussion about the upcoming expansion and its […]

    • so weird game with awful characters,gameplay bad,grahpic too
      i dont recommend it

    • Pok replied 6 years ago

      This is poor game with chinese still,it has much lags and bugs.

    • Game looks interesting; it’s very typical to find MMORPGs with Eurocentric fantasy and medieval themes, but very uncommon to find MMORPGs that have an Far East theme. And from what I’ve seen through gameplay videos, the gameplay is pretty typical of many MMORPGs; nothing too remarkable. Music and sound effects are balanced nicely though; I like how when you’re close to a stream, you can actually hear the sound effects of the stream. I would give it a 3.5/5.