For every moment of happiness that MMO games bring us, there is an equal and opposite moment of disgust felt somewhere down the road. One minute we’re exploring a vast wilderness, excitement glued upon our faces. And the next, well, the next minute we’re heaving our computer monitor across the room in sheer anger.

Games can cause us to do this, easily and often, and warnings should most definitely be given! So, without further ado, I present to you: The 5 Most Annoying Aspects of MMORPGs

5. Getting Ganked-

There he is, that damned dragon that you’ve been searching for over the past 3 days. Killing him is the goal of the last quest in your log, and it should provide you with enough experience to advance a level. What luck. But suddenly, while making your way to the beast, you see your health begin to rapidly decrease. Before you know it, your corpse is sprawled on the ground. 0_0

You’ve been ganked by a member of the opposing faction (and one 25 levels higher than you, at that). This person, a person who clearly has too much time on their hands, is going to make sure that you never kill that dragon. Because that first kill, oh no, that was just the beginning. He’s going to camp your corpse over, and over, and over, until finally you drop your computer off a mountain. Fact: Ganking has produced the greatest amount of vulgar language in the shortest period of time.

4. Re-spawning Mobs-

For some unknown reason, developers always manage to place that one “infamous” area in a game. It’s that spot that everyone always talks about, ridicules, and ultimately avoids. But you’re new, your chat is off, and you just got a quest to kill 20 of enemy X in location Y. So, innocently, you make your way to the point of no return.

When you get there, you notice an incredible amount of enemy Z, but only a few enemy X’s scattered about. “No problem,” you say, “I’ll just clear out enemy Z to get close.” But low and behold, once enemy Z falls, another one is there to quickly take his place. So quickly, in fact, that you’re literally unable to progress further into the area. Go ahead, you can try all day. All night, even. That mob will continue to respawn until the new year, and beyond. Turn around, and walk away. You’re never getting close to enemy X.

3. Traveling

Sure, most games nowadays give you access to some sort of mount at a pretty early point. But not all do, and regardless, it doesn’t make those early levels any less painful. I recently gave “Rift” a try, and though thoroughly enjoying it, I couldn’t help but break into constant yawns every time I’d walk from one camp to the next. It was so. incredibly. slow. Can’t these guys run a little faster? Where’s my temporary sprint button? Grandma Jill has walked out of hospitals more quickly than you’re walking across this field. Oh well, at least I’m a high enough level to get my mount now. Fantastic, they only cost 30 gold! .. Good thing I have 15..

2. The Ninja-

How exciting is this? An epic item just dropped off of a random creature. Your party chat is quickly filling up with “!” and “OMG.” Everyone is inspecting that fine piece of gear, admiring how nice it will look on their character. Unfortunately, you were naive enough to get into a group with a leader who insists on putting “Master Looter” on. And look at that, he’s just given that epic item to himself.

Party chat suddenly turns into “WTF” and “….” You were just the victim of a Ninja Looter. You start to panic, sweating, but confident that there’s no way this person can get away with taking this item. But before you can react, “xAweSomeX has left the group.”

Don’t worry, at least your stacks of cloth will sell for 2 pieces of gold each. And chin up, reporting players NEVER falls on deaf ears… -_-

1. Extreme Death Consequences-

This problem pertains to one game in particular. Nothing over the course of my gaming history has ever made me more furious than this. I had finally broken my addiction, formerly known as “World of Warcraft,” and decided to give this new free-to-play game a try. It was a nice little game, albeit similar to WoW, called “Runes of Magic.” For the first few weeks I was absolutely hooked. Nothing could come between me and my RoM. I smiled, I laughed, I got back to my pure roots of run.

It started off seeming like a pretty easy game. Prior to level 10, I believe I only died once. I learned later on that this game’s biggest drawback didn’t occur to players until they reached level 11, so I innocently kept playing. Finally, I got to level 15/14 (You had to level 2 classes at a time), and died upon entering a new zone. What were the consequences, you ask? I had to walk back and find my body. Oh yeah, I ALSO WAS IN MORE EXPERIENCE DEBT THAN I HAD COLLECTED OVER THE PAST LEVEL AND A HALF.

No big deal, I’ll be more careful next time.

Twenty minutes later, I’m dead again, and my experience debt has tripled. RoM was immediately uninstalled.

This one was really my own fault, as I later found out that you could pay real money to buy potions that removed this debt. But at the time, I had never been more angry. I literally cannot begin to describe to you the hatred I felt for Runes of Magic after this. AND THEY HAD PLAYER HOUSING, FOR GOD’S SAKE.

What are your most angry MMO moments? Post here or feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] I look forward to reading these.