has many Giveaways going on at any given time. These can be Giveaways for a Closed Beta, newbie pack codes for a newly launched game, currency codes for a game, or even keys for certain items in particular game. For example, we currently have an exclusive item Giveaway with World of the Living Dead where we have codes for a special spiked club:). This is in honor of our trusty mascot carrying a spiked club of his own. That Giveaway can be found at .

We have a Special Pack Giveaway for a very popular recent game, League of Angels. The code for this one contains gold along with a few other items to help in the game. It can only be used once per server and is located at

For beta keys, we have a couple of new ones that definitely deserve a look. The first is called Velvet Sundown and it is not your usual MMO game. In fact, it is a social story game with very large and detailed 3D graphics. The characters look almost real. It can be found at The other beta game may be more familiar to readers since it has already existing versions available. In fact, it is an MMO that was once dead, 9 Dragons. However, the game has been revived and is doing well. The beta key for this version can be found at

If you want to see the other Giveaways we currently have or are trying to find a particular game that we do not have yet, feel free to request one at



  1. Hey can anyone tell me please how i can get League of legends RP here. I first came here to have some fun and now i realised i can get some RP. So when is the giveaway for it ?

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  2. Ogreman can you please direct me to a link for the gift code for cast and conquer? Thank you

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