The MMORPG Showdown 6 has been an exciting one! We started with 16 participants, narrowed down to 8 in the second round, finally to 4 for the semi-finals with RuneScape, Lord of the Rings Online, Rusty Hearts, and Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Now we’re down to Rusty Hearts and RuneScape.

The participants in the champion finals are neck-and-neck—literally within 3 points of one another.


This fantasy-based 3D MMORPG prevailed in the first round against Perfect World International due to its community, worlds, pacing, and overall content—although many argued for the merits of PWI, RuneScape won out on a lead of 9 points. In the second round, it went up against Dragon Nest and prevailed with an almost 20 point lead. During the semi-finals, we saw RuneScape face down the extremely popular Lord of the Rings Online to emerge victorious with an 8 point lead.

Rusty Hearts

Another title from Perfect World Entertainment, is a strange sort of 3D, beat-em-up hack-and-slash vampires-and-monsters MMO that takes players into a sleepy hamlet off Romania to fight an ancient evil. During the first round it went up against Vindictus and managed a very close win. In the second round, it beat Rift by Trion World’s on a solid 10-point win. During the semi-finals it once again found a close win against the brand-spanking-new Star Wars: The Old Republic.

The Finals

The finals started March 3rd and will run two weeks, so it’s about time for you to get your vote in.

This contends to be an interesting match. RuneScape managed to plow through the competition despite a great deal of opposition (of course, also a considerable mount of support) but Rusty Hearts has been neck-and-neck in several of its rounds. These two look like they’ll form excellent fodder for competition.

For full coverage of all the matches, and discussion concerning how they’ve proceeded, you should join in on the forums in the MMORPG Showdown 6 thread.