You haven’t missed it yet! All good ogres should rush down to the MMORPG Showdown 8 and look at what’s on the table for this diverse and interesting throwdown-of-a-showdown. It’s been a long year, 2013, and there’s a lot of titles vying for the ultimate champion on the battlefield of public opinion. Of course there will be clubs, lightsabers, lasers, and all manner of weird technology and magic.

But, in the end, it’s your opinion that counts.

MMORPG Showdown 8 has finally chosen its participants and the first round matches are now lined up:

World of Warcraft vs. Star Wars: The Old Republic

DC Universe vs. Marvel Heroes

RaiderZ vs. Vindictus

Drakensang vs. Asura Force

Minecraft vs. Eve Online

Maple Story vs. RuneScape

Rift vs. TERA

Guild Wars 2 vs. Neverwinter

This year’s MMORPG Showdown has some extremely strong contests planting the super-popular against IP-driven with World of Warcraft vs. Star Wars: The Old Republic. Superheroes from two competing comic enterprises clash with DC Universe Online vs. Marvel Heroes. And pitting D&D centric offering Neverwinter against the fantasy power of Guild Wars 2 should be an interesting match.

EVE Online vs. Minecraft feels a little odd, although both are “sandbox-like” MMO/multiplayer games, Minecraft relies on far less spaceships and backstabbing.

The rest run a gamut of free-to-play MMO gaming experiences both veteran and new to the table. Expect threads for each of these lineups to appear soon in the forums so that you can vote on the matches!


Predictions still open

There’s still time to get your predictions in and potentially win awesome prizes. Go and pick 4 of the contenders and post them in the forum before February 1st (the deadline has been extended) and you’ll be entered to win.


  1. Hmm Guild Wars and Neverwinter are both really good games, we’ll see what happens. ^^

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