The past decade or so has seen online gaming rise to new levels of popularity. As timeless pastimes have found a whole new purpose and format in the world of online gaming – at sites such as

A lot has changed and typically what with technology’s knack of moving forward so very fast, the changes have happened quickly. So much so, that many people might not even have realized the extent of online gaming options these days. Online games are growing by the day, with some of the most famous brands and relative newcomers, always updating their platform with new titles and new way to bet and win, in order to meet the growing demand.

One sub-industry that is growing rapidly, is that of the online fruit game. Once a humble fruit machine or ‘fruity’ in the corner of a pub, this game has evolved and innovated itself, over an over again, to become one of the leading formats in this new online gaming experience. Furthermore, the rise of mobile gaming has taken everything to a whole new level, with smartphone users now amongst the main demographic for online games.

Fast and high-quality gaming fun is to be had like never before thanks to mobile gaming, so here is how mobile gaming has changed the online game industry.

Games on demand, wherever, whenever

To quote Shakira, games are now available to you ‘whenever, wherever,’ and thanks to online games being super functional on mobiles and smartphones, you two ‘can be together.’

3G and 4G connections have only improved in their own right, making the online gaming experience speedier and smoother than ever before. This means that you can now play online games at any point in the day and, depending on an internet connection which is becoming more and more ever-present, you can wherever you are.

Smartphone functionality

The rise of smartphone users has seen game developers tailor their titles specifically for the format.

Before the smartphone, which seems like the olden days now, desktop gaming was the main way to game online. But now, what with apps so ready available to download straight to your phone, online games have found their perfect home in the palm of your hand.

Like any other smartphone game, online games have been fully optimized for the smartphone experience, running brilliantly on the likes of iOS, Android and more.

More people playing than ever before

With access to online games via smartphone, more and more people are playing online games.

Whereas you used to have to be in the pub or maybe at one of those tiny service station to play on an arcade machine, we can now do so with ease. And this is thanks to the smartphone, with more people playing than ever before.

This, in addition with the enticing welcome offers that games offer, has more people people playing than in years previous.


  1. I feel like the mobile industry has made games simpler to play, but that’s sort of expected because it’s harder to control a game on a touchscreen than it is with keyboard and mouse, or a controller. Idle games have become wildly popular, and a lot of mobile MMOs seem to have an auto feature for things like automatically walking to destinations or automatically fighting enemies. And art style tends to reflect mobile games by being toonier, which kind of fits with the simplicity of mobile games these days. I expect mobile games to be like this for a long time, simple to play.

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