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Monster and Me is a free cartoony MMORPG with a focus on a young audience. Similar to Pokemon, you can raise any monster as your pet and turn them into your own fighting allies. Yes, character pets have been done many times before in other games and even other MMOs, but Monster and Me does a great job with giving you a lot of customization options. In fact, this best part of this game besides possibly being free is that it puts you in control of the game. 

You can choose the path of your character and decide whether you want to be good or evil. You can also choose whether you want to fight or not. If you don't want to fight you can such activities as building a house (you can even choose the furniture for your home), play casino-type mini games, or even getting married. If you like making things, Monster and Me gives you plenty of options for being creative as well. Not only can you create your weapons and armor so you that you can you use them yourself or sell them, but you can also invent your own spells! Many MMOs allow you to craft and weapons, but making your own spells is definitely an innovative feature. Some gamers may not like the cutesy graphics and themes, but that does not change the fact that Monster and Me is one of the better free MMORPGs.

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Author: MrMonkey
Rating: 10
Comment: I totally love this game! It is awesome, very unique, and very interesting. I have listed the Pros and Cons below.

Pros - Unique storyline which I have enjoyed so far. Catching pets, regular events and updates make the game a must play in my opinion. There are also other skills including wuxing (crafting but you can also craft pets together!), thievery and kung fu. You need to be in the circle to use thievery and kung fu. The chat system is ok and there are quite a number of skins. The community has been very friendly and I have heard of only one scammer so far, unlike most other games (I have been playing for a month now). The boards are helpful 24 hours a day. If you are new and you ask any questions, they are answered by another player or by a Moderator. There are also many quests and you can marry and build houses.

Cons - Not much. The graphics aren't the best, but the game is free. Earning good money takes a while too.

Author: Backo
Rating: 3
Comment: If you are looking for a good "kids" game, this would be it. Not for me though.

Author: jubei
Rating: 9
Comment: Gives you a ton of stuff to do and I like the story.

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Pricing Model

Monster and Me is free to play. The free download is about 597 MB.

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