Muay Thai, translated as “Thai Boxing,” is a fusion of action and martial art that uses stand-up striking and wrestling techniques.

It originated from military use going back to around the 13th century in the reign of the Sukhothai Kingdom. This drill is also called “the art of eight limbs,” distinguished by the combined use of fists, elbows, knees, and kicks.

Muay is a striking stand-up sport that involves two competitors in the ring throwing punches, elbows, knees, and licks at each other. Throws, sweeps, and clinching are also accepted. Aside from the 8- point contact, a critical difference between Muay Thai and other combat sports such as Karate is the emphasis on traditional elements such as the pre-fight dance ritual known as Wai Kru Ram Muay, the headdress ( Mongkon), and the dramatic music that is played as each fight goes on.

Watching live Muay Thai is super fun and is made even more fun by good companies like get the excitement going. You can watch Muay Thai with a simple mobile application, so you can follow the amazing action in the comfort of your own home. You can also play Muay Thai in a variety of video games such as Street Fighter, Fatal Fury, Tekken, Virtua Fighter, and Dead or Alive.

Muay Thai History

The history of the Muay Thai originated historically from the Sukhothai dynasty of Thailand around the 13th century. The first army was born from the idea of defending the kingdom, and the soldiers were taught both armed and unarmed war. Over the years, the evolution of this martial art brought about Muay Thai as we know it today.

As the wars continued in neighboring countries and kingdoms over the decades, Muay Thai became a ritual for the people of Siam( previously Thailand). One of the most remarkable historical stories of Muay Thai came through the great “Nai Khanom Tom” during the Ayutthaya period. The story narrates how Nai Khanom Tom defeated nine Burmese fighters, during his imprisonment after the Siam Kingdom was under siege.

Muay Thai Techniques

Muay Thai methods can be classified into the attack, defense, and counter techniques. To become adept in Muay Thai requires a lot of practice, drilling the methods repeatedly until they form part of muscle memory. Muay Thai training begins with learning the basics and the movement.

With the chin tucked in position, the body is positioned to be upright and hands in a guard position to protect the head and feet, which are kept roughly shoulder-width apart. Right-handers keep their left foot a bit to the front while keeping their right foot approximately 45 degrees to the outside. Left-handers do it reverse with their right foot in front. This position allows the fighter to balance and be ready to strike or defend when appropriate.

Attacking techniques consist of punch, elbow strikes, knee strikes, kicks, push kicks, and clinches. Defense techniques consist of a block, lean, deflections, le catches, and dodges—these techniques mix and match to combine into combinations that can be used for attack or counter. An example is often taught and used is the jab-cross low lick.

Benefits of Muay Thai

●    Calorie burner

Everyone is all about burning extra calories, and Muay Thai training does it very effectively. A Muay Thai session lasts about 1-2 hours and consists of a warm-up, shadow boxing drilling techniques, heavy bag work, and pad work before finishing off with strength training exercises. One 2 hour session can burn 100 calories making it a great and fun way to lose weight.

●    Mental toughness

Training Muay Thai helps build mental fortitude by challenging physical and mental limits as it perseveres. Muay Thai strengthens not only the physical body but also the mind. Being mentally strong enables a person to succeed in the face of adversity and scarcity.

●    Self Confidence

Training Muay Thai makes one learner and gets one into better shape. When someone feels awesome about how they look, the confidence exudes. At the same time, if one makes an effort to train Muay Thai regularly, they will get better at it and see that improvement over time directly affects the growth of self-confidence.

●    Self- defense

Muay Thai consists of both defense and attacking techniques. As a combat art emanating in military warfare. Muay was created to cause pain to the enemy while protecting the other from physical harm: its range of weapons like the knee strike, elbow strike, and push kick can be used to disarm an attack. It is an excellent self-defense skill making it ideal for everyone.

●    Widens social circle

There is a strong sense of togetherness at every Muay Thai gym. There is a common interest in learning and bettering their skill in Muay Thai. Most people there are working towards the shared goal of self-betterment, where blood and sweat are often shed when training, and this is how the deepest friendships are formed. Friends who slay, stay together.

●    Fun

Muay Thai is the antidote of all fitness enthusiasts who are bored running on a treadmill or lifting the same old weights. Other than learning different techniques and combos, modern Muay Thai training incorporates a variety of exercises that makes training fun and practical at the same time. There is more motivation and purpose to train when the activity is enjoyable.

Modern Muay Thai

This historic event is now celebrated as Muay Thai day, which is on March 17th. The Muay Thai sport is loved by many, and to others, it is an excellent opportunity to follow the sport through Here are some beneficial ways to achieve success.

●    Choose a decent gaming site

Go for an established company like, which has been in existence for over 28 years. That way, you can even feel safe.

●     Choose your team

The very first thing is to determine who takes blue and who takes red and know about each fighter. Old Muay Thai fans know players and teams, so you need to be very careful when selecting a team.

●    Track the sport and play Muay Thai video games

This will make you follow the sport closer so you will be able to stay interested longer. In addition, learn everything you can about both the sport and the community and you will soon become an “expert”.


Muay Thai is fully associated with Thailand, and it’s absolutely adored by the people living there. Filled with the traditions of Thailand and the power of people’s spirit makes this kind of sport so authentic.