Myopia is a game where you play an eyeball who destroys ghosts by looking at them.Arrow Key or WASD to play. Up and down changes the shape of your vision, left and right rotates.


  1. In this game you control eye and you are attacked by ghosts, only way to destroy ghosts are to see them. You can adjust sight further and narrower or closer and wider, u can also “see” big black dot which destroy all ghosts on screen, game is quite fun but so hard later

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  2. Myopia is an interesting action arcade game. It reminds me of shooter games where the player is in the center of the screen and has to shoot surrounding monsters, except in this game, an eyeball uses the light of its nearsightedness to target ghosts. The game has an interesting concept for “nearsightedness” because the player can have the light, representing vision, be long and narrow, or short and wide, but can also rotate around to spot the ghosts in other directions. Overall, I would rate this game a 4/5.

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