When being job-seekers, we hear plenty of talks about work experience, but very little is said about the value of having the right skills. Sure, you need the mix of both mentioned aspects but having some extra competencies helps you not only captivate your employer’s attention but also qualify for exciting roles in the field.

Since the IT industry has a fast-paced nature, sometimes you won’t have years to get ready for some positions. Lots of innovations appear every day, so you should always be ready to upgrade. Fortunately, there is a sure way to gain all the needed skills for almost every IT role — getting IT certified, for instance, by Microsoft 70-461 Practice Test

The significance of Microsoft credentials is that they help to match your skills with the specific job requirements in order to beat the huge competition. Playing Microsoft games on various devices would not hurt either. In this post, we’ll disclose the details of the Microsoft 70-461 exam and will also tell how you can build a career with the MCSA credential in SQL Server 2012/2014. In addition, we’ll highlight a few techniques for passing your test including why you may want to use exam dumps to reinforce your basic knowledge and hone your skills.

Latest Improvements in Microsoft SQL Server Training

Recently, the Microsoft Questions Microsoft SQL Server technology has been reorganized to cover the modern needs of the industry. Server 2014, for instance, now involves improved security permissions, enhanced columnated indexes, and the concept of Azure integration along with an updated and upgraded memory capacity.

To help you become a real professional in this technology, Microsoft offers its SQL Server credentials across various career levels: from the entry-level MTA all the way to the expert MCSE certification. However, the middle-level MCSA remains the most popular so let’s explore its main details.

Overview of MCSA: SQL Server 2012/2014

Obtaining the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate credential in SQL Server 2012/2014 shows that you can manage the goal-oriented SQL Server working environments to deliver critical business value. With it, you can successfully serve as a Database Analyst or a Database Developer among other important job roles out there. Literally, this badge combines the knowledge gained from two different technologies, SQL Server 2012 and SQL Server 2014. Thus, you require a broad mix of skills in order to qualify for this certification.

There are 3 exams you should pass to earn this MCSA credential: 70-461, 70-462 and 70-463. Each of them is a multiple-choice test that presents an average of 40-60 questions relating to this Server domain to be completed in a maximum of 120 minutes. Candidates should target a score of 700 and above to attain a “Pass” status and ultimately qualify for their Microsoft associate-level credential.

Regarding 70-461 exam, you can schedule it through the Pearson VUE official website and remember to pay a $165 registration fee. But what is more important, you should learn all the assessed topics, so let’s see what are they.

Microsoft 70-461 Exam Objectives

70-461 will mainly assess your skills in querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014. It includes various tasks but they all are covered by these 4 basic domains:

  • Create Database Objects (20-25%)
  • Troubleshoot and Optimize (25-30%)
  • Modify Data (20-25%)
  • Work with Data (25-30%)

Target Audience

The Microsoft exam 70-461 targets SQL Server Database Administrators, System Engineers, IT Developers, and other professionals whose role is centered on writing queries. Microsoft advises that all certification hopefuls should possess at least 2 or more years of experience in a relevant role.

However, even with this experience, you have to invest some time in exam preparation. Thus, you’ll learn all the required themes and gain some modern information which will make you more confident. Further, we’ll observe some of the most helpful preparation options starting with vendor-provided materials.

Vendor-Oriented Training Approach

All top IT certification vendors have useful training materials about their products, and Microsoft is no exception. For exam 70-461, check out the Exam Prep Video to find useful tips from the experts in the field. Then, there are several variants, you can enroll in instructor-led training and get all the needed knowledge and skills during a 5-days course. Also, you might choose a self-paced training or just studying with the approved revision books such as the Training Kit (Exam 70-461): Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012. And to complete your prep, check yourself through the official practice test.

More Practice for Microsoft 70-461 Exam

For many candidates, certification exams are a common reason for sleepless nights and anxiety, which makes it all the more imperative to prepare adequately for the same. Taking the official practice test can help to increase confidence but this one try may not be enough. Still, if you find this method suitable, you can opt for exam dumps. Training with exam dumps, you will see the real questions from past tests, understand the key areas, and see what topics you need to study more.

For the Microsoft 70-461 exam, be sure to visit Exam-labs.com and grab their free questions and answers to lighten anxiety. While the real exam can be intimidating, Exam-labs.com offers highly valid exam dumps to ensure that candidates are familiar with most of the concepts and are self-assured to face the test.

If you want something more for your prep, there is also a Microsoft 70-461 Premium Bundle ($59.99). In includes not only an expert-verified ete file but also a training course of lectures, and a study guide.

And the best part? To open these ete files, you should use the ETE Exam Simulator which will show you the real exam environment. Also, it involves many testing features such as timing, so you’ll not just assess your knowledge but will do it like when sitting for the actual test.


Most candidates aim to land fulfilling job roles and fast track their career growth. Unfortunately, lack of knowledge or the fear of failure stops them from moving forward to their goals. But with the MCSA in SQL Server 2012-2014 certification, all these career dreams can come true. Just remember that Exam-labs.com has reliable exam dumps to help you get ready for your Microsoft 70-461 exam and other tests easily and ace them in your first ever attempt. If you score a tech job you can celebrate all night on your Xbox. It’s time to go for it!


  1. Interesting read, but I think this is more about getting into creating and managing databases than actually learning network programming. And why limit yourself to Microsoft anyway with SQL Server, especially since that limits you in some ways, like being tied to Microsoft’s Azure service? There are plenty of other databases out there like Oracle’s MySQL, DynamoDB (you’ll probably use this if you deploy your own games, apps, or services through AWS [and I think AWS is a lot better than Azure]), Redis (in-memory), and MongoDB (which is popular among web developers, and could be useful for web game development). And there are plenty more to explore than just these ones, but these are just some of the popular databases.

    Network game programming would require understanding sockets (and there’s usually a sockets library for most major programming languages, so it’s not hard to learn), understanding protocols like TCP/IP, and some other things.

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