by Bioware

? treasure galore
? relatively easy

? lack of depth
? little experience points

The Bottom Line – Quick way to boost your armor rating and the amount of gold in your pocket.

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The Dark Ranger’ Treasure is a module for Neverwinter Nights that was made by the game’s creators. You start out in a nearly deserted inn with just the inn keeper and a rather talkative gnome as the only inhabitants. Once you talk to the gnome you will learn that a brutal ranger left mountain loads of armor and shields in some old ruins nearby the inn. Once you and the gnome set out on the journey to the ruins only weak monsters like Orcs and Goblins will confront you. Battles are quickly won because the gnome can take care of business. However all the easy combat changes once you enter the ruins to get the treasure and on the way back to the inn.

Besides the easy first encounters the module provides ample amounts of excitement throughout. That excitement and the fact that this is one of the best ways to beef up your characters bank account makes this rather short module a must-play for anybody who owns Neverwinter Nights.

Game Ogre’s Rating (out of 10):


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