Neverwinter Nights Links

A list of links to other major sites covering Neverwinter Nights. These sites range from the official site for the game to mega sites providing a plethora of NWN resources such as modules, guild info, tutorials, server lists, and forums.

Bioware's NWN Community Site  
Great official site with forums, company-created modules, links to player created modules, and guilds.

Planet Neverwinter  
News, player info, and a wide assortment of NWN goodies.

Neverwinter Nights Stratics  
Showcase, news, forum, community, game information, FAQ, library, and tools.

Neverwinter Vault
News, strategies, module reviews and downloads.  
This site has player modules of course, but the most interesting fact about NWNModules is that it is working on its own persistent world for NWN entitled The World of Exaria.

A Land Far Away  
An online gaming campaign world that is set in the D&D world of The Forgotten Realms and based on NWN.
Server list, list of various interviews given by NWN's creators over the Internet, and a server setop tutorial.

Neverwinter Tavern
Creature catalog, modules, tutorials, and villian archive.

Neverwinter Consortium  
The consortium was formed to recreate some of the magic of the original America Online-hosted Neverwinter Nights game.


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