by T. Elliot Cannon aka Myscha

? MMORPG concept
? great way to power level

? needs more level balance
? no real story

The Bottom Line – Get a small taste of MMORPGs with out having to fork over any money.

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Here is concept that should definitely be worked on until it is done right. In fact more module authors should work on a MMORPG theme like this especially since premium MMORPGs like Asheron’s Call 2 charge $50 for the game and then $13 a month after one “free” month. Nothing would please me more than to see this theme expanded on in the future.

Now lets delve into various aspects of this particular module besides its innovative theme. First off no beginning character especially alone should attempt to play this module. The author recommends that only grouped characters between the levels of 10 to 20 try to play this module. For solo players the authors recommends extremely strong level 20 characters. However I was able to power level solo by picking and choosing the easiest fights with the most experience points. For example a player can fight the vampires that are invading the fort and level quickly by simply getting the last blow in as you help the soldiers hold the vampires off. As you level like this and get stronger other areas of the game begin possible to withstand.

Lake Linaria maintains its MMORPG theme by offering several caves and locations that are fairly grouped close together binding stones for when you die treasure chests at the end of a cave filled with massive amounts items and a wide variety of monsters. Any gamer who likes to fight monsters such as giants dragons vampires and queen spiders will have plenty to kill. However it should be noted that you can forget about a story with this module. That said this module only fits gamers who want to power level or prefer the structure of MMORPGs to story-driven PC RPGs.

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